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IOSH & IIRSM Health and Wellbeing Courses

Improve the wellbeing and productivity of all your staff

Almost 1 in 7 people experiences a mental health problem in the workplace and it currently costs the UK economy over £8 billion in absences from work. More companies now recognise the importance of managing their staff's health and wellbeing.

Astutis offers a range of accredited courses and tools for all staff to proactively manage their health and wellbeing and create a happy and productive place of work.

Astutis is an IOSH approved training providerIIRSM logo

IOSH Managing Occupational Health and Wellbeing (1 day class, or 6 hours online)

For Line Managers to have the practical tools to improve the health and wellbeing of their teams and understand their own responsibilities. It enables people to manage changes in the teams' health and evaluate their fitness for work.

Astutis offers this IOSH course as an online or as  classroom trainingLearn more

IIRSM Online Stress and Wellbeing Toolkit (60-90 mins approximately online)

This online resource offers all staff the tools online to identify stress and manage their reactions so they can lead a more balanced life in the workplace. Learn more

IIRSM Online Display Screen Equipment and Wellbeing Toolkit  (40 to 60 mins approximately online)

This provides staff an online video guide to set up all aspects of their workstation and equipment correctly. It aims to improve employee wellbeing and reduce any potential health risks occurring. 
Learn more

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Benefits of managing employees' health and wellbeing

  • Create a happier, healthier and more productive place of work
  • Reduce the risk of any health issues leading to lost time at work and liability claims
  • Improve your company's reputation among all you stakeholders

Contact us for a demo

We will be happy to give you an online demo of any of the wellbeing courses. Bear in mind that we offer discounts for companies that buy multiple online course licenses. You can also host courses on your company learning management system.

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