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The NEBOSH National/International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Professionals (2019 syllabus) has 3 assessments, one for each unit.

Each assessment is completed electronically and submitted through the NEBOSH exam portal. You'll have between 4-6 weeks to complete your assessments, and will have a dedicated start date and submission deadline. 

Unit ND1/ID1 Assessment

The assessment for Unit ND1/ID1 is split into 4 sections:

  • Scenario based questions (150 marks)
  • Workplace activities (150 marks)
  • Reflective tasks (150 marks)
  • A short research project (150 marks)

You will have 6 weeks to complete your assignment and submit it to the NEBOSH online portal. We recommend you spend at least 60 hours on your assessment, which equates to around 10 hours per week.

The assessment is worth 600 marks and you need to achieve at least 50% to pass.

Unit ND2/ID2 and Unit ND3/ID3 Assessment

Units ND2/ID2 and ND3/ID3 are each assessed with a case-study and scenario based questions. 

You will have 4 weeks to complete each question paper and submit it for marking. We recommend you spend at least 40 hours on each paper (around 10 hours per week).

NEBOSH Diploma (2019 syllabus) Assessment Dates

For learners studying the 2019 syllabus, with ND1/ID1, ND2/ID2, ND3/ID3 online open book assessments, please find all upcoming dates below:

Assessment Start DateSubmission DeadlineRegistration Deadline
ND1/ID109 March 202222 April 202212 January 2022
ND2/ID211 May 202210 June 202211 March 2022
ND3/ID313 July 202210 August 202217 May 2022
ND1/ID114 September 202226 October 202219 July 2022
ND2/ID209 November 202207 December 202214 September 2022

NEBOSH Diploma (2015 syllabus) Exam Dates

If you are still completing your 2015 syllabus NEBOSH Diploma, please see below all upoming dates for the Unit A/IA, Unit B/IB, Unit C/IC written exams.  Remember, you will need to register for your chosen exam at least 8 weeks in advance:

Unit A / IAUnit B/ IBUnit C / IC
08 February 202209 February 202210 February 2022
12 July 202213 July 202214 July 2022

DNI Assessment Dates (2015 Syllabus)

See below for all upcoming submission dates for the DNI assignment (2015 syllabus only):

Submission DeadlineRegistration Deadline
23 February 202212 January 2022
25 May 202212 April 2022
31 August 202219 July 2022
30 November 202219 October 2022

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NEBOSH National/International Diploma Assessment Process

NEBOSH will send login details for the NEBOSH assessment portal 2 weeks before your assessment start date. These will arrive by email directly from NEBOSH.  From the portal, you can download your assessment paper and any supporting material straight to your computer to complete in your own time.

Assessment Start Date

On the start date of your assessment window, your assessment paper will be available to download from the NEBOSH portal from 12:00 noon (UK time).

You will have a 6 week deadline for ND1/ID1 assessments, and a 4 week deadline for ND2/ID2 or ND3/ID3.

The closing time for submission is 12:00 noon (UK time) on your deadline date.

Submitting your NEBOSH Diploma Assessment

When you’re ready to submit your assessment, save your document with the file name format: [last name, first name, NEBOSH student number, Learning provider name].

You can submit your completed assessment on the NEBOSH portal by heading to the page where you downloaded your question paper and clicking 'add submission'.

Closing Interviews

Learners will be required to attend a virtual closing interview in the form of a professional discussion with a NEBOSH representative.  There will be a discussion following each assessment, and you will be given the chance to book a slot for this accordingly.

This will involve discussing your submission with a NEBOSH representative, verifying your identity and confirming the work as your own.  The discussions will be approx 45 minutes.

Your NEBOSH Diploma Results

You must pass all three assessments to achieve your full NEBOSH Diploma qualification. NEBOSH will email you your results within 50 working days after your submission date.

You’ll receive a hard copy certificate for each unit in the post, this can take up to 6-10 weeks after you receive your successful result.

A final overall qualification parchment will be sent from NEBOSH around 6-10 weeks after passing your final unit.

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Our exam advisor can provide you all the useful information you need to re-sit your exam and offer useful resources to help you prepare.

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