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Environment and Sustainability

IEMA Skills and Training

IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) is a professional body for anyone working or studying in environmental and sustainable sectors. 

Offering a wide catalogue of environmental courses dedicated to positively impact businesses address sustainability and environmental issues. 

Kickstart your IEMA journey with Astutis and benefit from Environmental training that doesn’t cost the earth. Explore our range of IEMA Environmental Courses below and become an environmental leader today!

What is IEMA training?

Environmental courses help organisations improve environmental performance and support sustainable skills development. As global pressures for sustainability in business increase, more employees are taking environmental and sustainability qualifications. Employees with the knowledge and skills to manage environmental issues can support organisations deliver sustainability at all levels. Our IEMA Environmental qualifications improve your written communication skills, encouraging you to prepare reports and evaluate performance for use at a board level.
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If you need help to become an IEMA member then you're in the right place.

IEMA membership is the key to getting on and getting recognised. It’s a journey that supports and informs your career, and demonstrates your impact to employers. From AIEMA Affiliate to PIEMA Practitioner, we're with you all the way.
IEMA Associate Membership - AIEMA

A first step in the membership journey for those wanting to learn more from the environment and sustainability profession. Affiliate membership is for anyone thinking seriously about the environment and sustainability. The IEMA Foundation certificate course leads directly to IEMA Associate Membership 

IEMA Practitioner Membership - PIEMA

Practitioner membership recognises everything you’re doing to help make your business future-proof, while giving you the practical community support you need. The IEMA Environmental Certificate course leads directly to IEMA Practioner Membership

Who are IEMA?

IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) is the professional body for everyone working, studying or interested in environment and sustainability. IEMA is the largest professional body for environmental practitioners in the United Kingdom and worldwide, with nearly 15,000 members.

IEMA are advocates on behalf of Environment and Sustainability Professionals. They collaborate to influence policies, standards, guidance and frameworks that can support transitions, both in the UK and internationally.

Belonging to the worldwide IEMA membership, either as an individual or an organisation, gives you the knowledge, opportunities, connections and authority to lead collective change. The membership is constantly welcoming ambitious professionals and forward-looking businesses.

Membership of IEMA is all about getting involved with the big issues and connecting with others who understand and care about the same things. Whether you want to contribute to a policy consultation, or understand more about evolving practices, this is the right place to be. 

Why take an IEMA course?

Environmental sustainability is a global issue. In 2021, the UN Climate Change Conference called upon all members to accelerate sustainable development as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This action plan has opened up a world of opportunity for environmental professionals worldwide - and an Environmental qualification is your way in. 

IEMA Environmental and Sustainability courses are essential for organisations who want to reduce their Carbon Footprint, enter a world of ecological sustainability and become an environmental leader. They shape competent, confident, environmentally sustainable professionals.

Improved knowledge leads to improved skills. Our IEMA Environmental and Sustainability Skills and training courses also develop the management skills that help shape the modern marketplace, helping to protect local and global communities and pave the way for a greener generation.

Astutis’ Environmental courses will equip you with essential leadership and practical interpersonal skills crucial for any senior role, not just for those in environmental management. You will develop the ability to influence and change behaviour by educating your colleagues and organisation on the best sustainable practices.


We have an FAQ section to answer some of your most common questions. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please get in touch.

IEMA is the world's leading provider of environmental management and assessment courses. We offer a comprehensive range of IEMA qualifications that can help you to develop your career in environmental management and assessment. The courses are designed to give you practical skills and knowledge, as well as providing the opportunity to develop valuable transferable skills. IEMA courses are designed with the needs of employers in mind, so they're just what you need to get ahead in your chosen field.

IEMA training programmes are flexible enough to fit around your work schedule and lifestyle. All IEMA qualifications are recognised by employers worldwide and previous students have gone on to gain employment with leading organisations such as Nestle Waters UK Ltd, Asda Stores Ltd and Morrisons Ltd.

IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment) is a globally recognized certification body, and their courses are designed to provide you with the skills you need to achieve success in the environmental management industry.

All IEMA courses provide you with a wealth of knowledge in environmental management, assessment and sustainability. IEMA membership is highly regarded by employers and accreditation bodies alike.

The courses are designed to be flexible to suit your working life and can be studied at your own pace, enabling you to study whilst working or at home with your family.

If you're looking for a career in environmental management, IEMA is one of the leading certifications in the world. The courses are designed to give you hands-on experience as well as high-level knowledge of all aspects of environmental management, so that when you finish, you'll be ready to start your career.
IEMA is a chartered body. IEMA is licensed by the Society to award CEnv and REnvP to sustainability professionals who meet the criteria. IEMA has the most CEnvs registered of any licensed body, and registers most CEnvs on an annual basis. Through their membership, Environmental practitioners and professionals can achieve full chartered membership MIEMA.

There are two routes to attaining full membership with Chartered Environmentalist status:
  • If you are working in a role which is largely focused on Environmental Management or similar, the dual accreditation of may be the best route for you.
  • If you work in a social or economic oriented role, you could explore your option of gaining CEnv status to decide whether it’s right for you  If you feel it’s an accreditation you don’t need then you are free to go ahead and apply for Full membership on its own.
If you are on a career path to becoming chartered, then completing IEMA training courses such as the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is a great way to start.
IEMA is a professional body. IEMA is recognised as the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. Through the available IEMA training courses, its ensured that people working in the industry of their choice, have the right knowledge, competencies, skills and confidence to do a professional job.

Astutis are an official IEMA approved training partner and deliver a range of Environmental and Sustainability training courses. These training courses are recognised across the globe. Achieving an IEMA qualification by completing an IEMA certified course provides the gateway to becoming an IEMA member.

Membership grades offered by IEMA include Student, Affiliate, Graduate, Associate, Practitioner, Full and Fellow.

Completing the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is the perfect gateway to the IEMA Associate membership, followed by the next step of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management leading to IEMA Practitioner membership.  

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management is a professional qualification that provides you with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to work in the environment field. You will gain a thorough understanding of environmental management principles, as well as practical experience of how these principles are applied in real-world situations. You will also develop an appreciation for how your role fits into the wider context of business, society and the environment.

This course will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills that can be used in many different areas of environmental management.

You will learn about topics including:

  • Environmental Principles
  • Policy and legislation
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Sustainability and mega-trends
Discover more in our 'What is the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management' blog here.
The IEMA Foundation Certificate is assessed by a one hour multiple-choice online test. There are 30 questions, and you will need to answer 21 correctly (70%) to pass.

For more information about the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam, please visit our Exam Hub.
The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management is a comprehensive tour de force in environmental practice across an ever-widening set of fields and sectors.

For more information on the course, read our 'What is the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management' blog here.
The IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course provides a thought-provoking understanding of the future of Planet Earth.

The course showcases the urgency to counteract climate change and the steps we must take to act. The course provides an introductory oversight on how businesses can transform their operations to become more environmentally positive. Learn more on 'What is Net Zero and How do we Get There' in our blog here.

Astutis answers your most frequently asked questions on the IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course in our 'Ask Astutis' series video. Watch the episode here. 

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