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What is the IEMA Certificate for Environmental Management?

April 2022

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management provides a comprehensive training experience that gives learners the knowledge and skillset to effectively lead and manage environmental practice.

This blog will uncover everything you might want to know regarding the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management. It will analyse the course topics, the benefits of studying the course and course difficulty. 

Read our in-depth deep dive on the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management if you want information on the less advanced foundation sibling.

What is the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management?

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management is a globally recognised certification that showcases a fundamental understanding of environmental management. The IEMA course builds upon the knowledge gained from the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management (its less advanced sibling).

The course comprises three core modules that are split into a large myriad of units. 

  1. Module 1: Fundamentals of Sustainability, Business and Governance - Split into two units. 
  2. Module 2: Environmental Principles, Policy and Legislation - Split into two units.
  3. Module 3: Environmental Management/Assessment Tools and Skills - Split into nine units. 

For more intricate details on the entire course syllabus, view our IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management Syllabus Guide.

To sit the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management, learners must pass the IEMA Foundation Certificate. The Foundation course introduces theories and principles crucial to understanding the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course. 

What are the benefits of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management?

One of the most significant 'on-paper' benefits is that successful learners are eligible to register for the IEMA Practitioner membership (PIEMA). 

The PIEMA membership unlocks a plethora of networking options, publications and conferences. Learners join an ever-prospering community determined to educate the world in proactive environmental efforts.

The course is widely desired by companies across the globe determined to upskill their workforces in environmental health and safety standards. The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management lessens the ecological impact in the long term, potentially reducing expenditure. 

For more detailed information on the different benefits of IEMA membership, read our blog.

The course is ideal for aspiring individuals and prospering businesses alike. The course can be personalised, and applicants can flexibly train around their working hours with minimal disruption depending on the learning method. Meanwhile, the classroom offers learners a traditional in-person experience with a classical learning environment.

How difficult is the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management?

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management can be a challenge. Compared to the Foundation Certificate, the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management requires triple (120 hours) the time to complete than the Foundation Certificate (40 hours). This includes much more concentrated detail into already introduced topics and an introduction to more advanced principles.

In short, the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management covers every topic featured in the Foundation Certificate but in much greater detail. It focuses on the more intricate details that contribute to successful leadership in environmental management. However, following the Foundation Certificate, learners are assured the course adopts the same structure and themes, making the transition natural and organic. 

The step-up in difficulty can also be seen through the assessment process. 

IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management: The Assessment Process

For the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, learners need 70% to pass a multiple-choice exam. This time around, it's slightly different. 

This time around, the course is assessed through three knowledge-based assignments, one after each course week. This means learners are assessed during the course rather than after it. Learners must pass all three assignments to register for the assessment for the IEMA Practitioner Membership (PIEMA). From there, learners take an Assessment of Competence, which is based on work experience. 

We encourage this proactive approach to assignments as learners can only press on with their training once they are comfortable with the previous module.  

Learners will receive their marks approximately sixty days after their submission.

Key Takeaways

  • Ideal next step for successful learners of the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management course. Learners are highly recommended to have passed the Foundation Certificate before sitting for the more advanced certificate. 
  • The IEMA Certificate for Environmental Management is approximately triple the length of the Foundation Certificate and is more intricate. We recommend learners look into the entire course syllabus for themselves (above).
  • The assessment phase also replicates the uptick in complexity. The course issues three assessments after each week of the course. 


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