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Is the IEMA Membership Worth It?

April 2022

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) are a professional body that curates leading Environmental certifications. The certifications are globally recognised and ensure that those responsible for Environmental roles are educated, prepared and skilled to successfully fulfil their roles and make a positive difference.

In this blog, we will uncover the different IEMA membership offerings and analyse how you could benefit from each available membership. 

What Are the Available IEMA Courses?

IEMA have a vast catalogue of courses dedicated to employees and businesses in the Environmental industry. Each course accommodates different learners at different stages of their careers and upskilling needs. Discover Astutis' IEMA courses here.

1. IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management 

A 40-hour tour-de-force in Environmental Leadership! The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, introduces learners to the key concepts of sustainability, pollution prevention and data collection concepts.

A perfect prologue for anyone looking to enter the Environmental training world, the IEMA Foundation Certificate course presents a challenge without becoming a hindrance to learners. The course is not a significant investment financially or time-wise. It is perceived as an ideal starting point for any individual or business, looking to enhance their understanding of Environmental practices. 

2. IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management, is known internationally as a huge glowing star on any resume.  Ideal for individuals wanting to accelerate their career in the Environmental arena, as well as for staff wanting to drastically develop and/or improve their understanding of Environmental best practices.

Learners are advised to study the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management before sitting this course. These courses complement each other with the IEMA Foundation Certificate offering a similar structure and process, preparing the learner for an easier transition between these qualifications and allowing them to make the most out of their learning experience during the IEMA Certificate.

3. IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce

The IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce offers a steadfast insight into the principles of sustainable working and how it affects businesses of today. It introduces learners to key Environmental issues and effective Environmental Management Systems. 

The course provides learners with a practical pollution reduction toolkit and will set staff in the right Environmental direction. 

4. IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers

The IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers certification delves deeper into pressing Environmental issues. 

Compared to the IEMA Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workforce course, the Environmental Sustainability Skills for Managers is widely thought to take up triple the time and work to complete. The course analyses Environmental Regulators and Environmental Sustainability and its effect on different areas in and around the business. 

Should I become an IEMA member?

There are different levels of IEMA Memberships. Each comes with its perks and benefits. If you are stuck on what membership is suitable for you, IEMA has a membership test. All IEMA Memberships require an application fee and an annual fee. These vary depending on the level of membership.

The IEMA Membership levels, include the following:

1. Student

2. Affiliate 

3. Graduate (GradIEMA) 

4. Associate (AIEMA)

5. Practitioner (PIEMA)

6. Full (MIEMA)

7. Fellow (FIEMA)

Arching back to the most important question - Is IEMA Membership Worth it? - It's imperative to understand that it's largely dependent on the individual position. Each different IEMA Membership tier, represents a different stage in any career. Let's go through each and discuss this further. 

1. Student Membership

COST: £30 Application fee and £30 annual renewal fee.

The Student Membership is the cheapest and is widely considered the ideal entry point for anyone looking to explore a career in Environmental Health and Safety. To be eligible, you must have proof of your student status. 

2. Affiliate Membership

COST: £151 application fee and £151 annual renewal fee.

The Affiliate Membership is seen as the first step for individuals who want to know more about sustainability and the environment. Have access to the IEMA magazine and become more informed about proactive environmental practices.

3. Graduate Membership

COST: £151 Application fee and £151 Annual renewal fee.

The Graduate tier incorporates environmental training into your membership. To be eligible, you must present proof of study and evidence that your study contained environmental topics. 

4. Associate Membership (AIEMA)

COST: £257.50* Application fee and £162 Annual renewal fee.

*Fee may vary depending on the course provider

To achieve Associate Membership status with IEMA, you must pass an IEMA certified course such as the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.

5. Practitioner Membership (PIEMA)

COST: £324* Application fee and £197 Annual renewal fee.

*Fee may vary depending on the course provider

The Practitioner tier unlocks the ability to register as an official Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP). Becoming a REnvP symbolises the higher standard of environmental knowledge and practice that only comes after sacrifice and dedication.

Take a look at our blog to discover more about the route to IEMA Practitioner membership.

6. Full Membership

COST: £525 Application fee and £215 Annual renewal fee.

IEMA considers Full Membership the gold standard in environmental health and safety. The perks of the Full membership include a more comprehensive environmental network and the eligibility to apply to become a Chartered Environmentalist.

7. Fellow Membership (FIEMA)

COST: £556 Application fee and £246 Annual renewal fee.

The most proactive of all membership tiers, the Fellow Membership level acknowledges your knowledge and impact. At this point, you will have driven change in an environmentally positive manner. This membership team not only recognises that but also showcases it. 

What are the benefits of holding an IEMA Membership?

From the get-go, once you are an official IEMA member you will have access to a wide array of communications, networks and publications. Members will be eligible to attend career events and students members will have opportunities for student placements. 

If you are already an environmental professional, just by having an IEMA membership, your reputation will be enhanced. It’s important to remember IEMA remain the biggest environmental management training body in the world. Employers have often cited that in the heavily regulated world of Environmental Management, having an IEMA Certificate or Membership can help develop trust and reliability. 

Essentially, becoming a IEMA member invites you into a proactive society, dedicated to environmental sustainability. Except this is no ordinary society, it will expand your knowledge and boost career or corporate prospects.

Key Takeaways

  • Remember that the value of an IEMA Membership varies from role to role. However, the lower tiers of the membership demand minimal financial commitment and can provide a gateway into environmental networking.
  • If you pass the IEMA Foundational Certificate for Environmental Management you will receive a FREE year of the IEMA Associate membership (AIEMA). 
  • If you are a current student ask your place of work or study if they can help qualify you for a student membership which can be a perfect entry point into the world of environmental practice. 

Before you make any decision regarding the membership, it's advised to conduct further research on the IEMA website.

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