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Asbestos Awareness

The Astutis Asbestos Awareness course provides guidance on the protection of employees, contractors and members of the public affected by asbestos products. It covers premises, plant and equipment which may contact asbestos products.

Asbestos can have an effect on contractors and members of the public as well as employees. This Asbestos Awareness course will teach your staff how to safely dispose of asbestos, creating a safer environment for all. A commitment to health and safety best practice will enhance your reputation amongst potential customers and clients, regulators, insurers and stakeholders.

Our Asbestos Awareness course is suitable for anyone who may come into contact with asbestos through day-to-day activities, including supervisors, employees and contractors.

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Learning Methods



Half day

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements

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The company benefits explained

In 2019 there were 2,515 Mesothelioma deaths, with a similar number of lung cancer deaths linked to past exposure to asbestos. Training staff on safe working practices will help reduce the effects of exposure to Asbestos and save lives!

Asbestos can have an effect not just on contractors but also on members of the public, as well as employees. Asbestos Awareness will teach your staff how to safely dispose of asbestos, creating a safer environment for all. A commitment to health and safety best practice will enhance your reputation amongst potential customers/clients, regulators, insurers and stakeholders.

Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, requires employers to ensure: “Employees are given adequate information, instruction and training to those that are liable to be exposed to asbestos”.

This course will make sure your organisation meets legal obligations and avoids prosecution.

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  • Element One

    Foundational Understanding of Asbetos

  • Element Two

    Legislation and regulations surrounding Asbestos

  • Element Three

    Practical controls when working with Asbestos


  • Learners must complete a multiple-choice test at the end of the course to pass. 

Course Length

  • Half a day, with a short theory test at the end.

Learning Methods

  • On-Site

    Professional HSE training delivered at your premises

  • Virtual

    Live-online, engaging and interactive classes

There are no formal entry requirements.
Element One
Foundational Understanding of Asbetos Describe the types and properties of asbestos minerals. The risks to and effects of health caused by exposure to asbestos. Increased risks from smoking. General epidemiology and statistics.
Element Two
Legislation and regulations surrounding Asbestos Understand in simple terms where asbestos legislation fits in the wider context of health and safety legislation. Outline of the legislation governing asbestos and work with asbestos, particularly regulations 5 and 6 of CAR. Outline the basic framework (Regulation 4) for managing ACMs.
Element Three
Practical controls when working with Asbestos Describe the risks of fibre release from asbestos coatings, insulation, asbestos insulating board, asbestos cement and other asbestos-containing materials. Demonstrate an awareness of how they would find information about the presence of asbestos before starting work. Explain the general emergency arrangements in the event that asbestos or ACMs are discovered.

Tailored Course Option

We are able to provide a tailored package of the Asbestos Awareness course for assessors and trainers.

Asbestos Awareness Course Guide

Learning Methods Explained

The qualification will be assessed by a multiple-choice examination consisting of at least 15 questions under exam conditions. At the discretion of Astutis, learners shall be allowed to refer to any notes they make during the training sessions and the course notes or training manual provided by Astutis. 

A learner will be required to achieve a score of at least 12 out of 15 (80%) in the examination. Failure to achieve this will result in the learner requiring to re-sit the examination under exam conditions. If the learner further fails the second attempt then they will require to re-sit the course in its entirety.

The examination takes approximately 20 minutes, however, we understand and recognise that learning needs are varied and thus the time stated is for guidance only.

The varied needs of learners also include the ability to fully comprehend written English and we may read out the questions to assist such learners if English is a second language, however, no assistance may be offered in respect of providing answers.

The validity of an Asbestos Awareness certificate differs and it's reliant on the specific regulations and requirements of the country or region in which it was issued. An Asbestos Awareness certificate may be valid for one year, while in others, it could be valid for two or three years.

In the UK, HSE suggests that there are no legal requirements to retake a training course every 12 months. However, it is recommended that a refresher must be provided to the learners to ensure they maintain their knowledge.

Depending on your country, it's essential to check with the local regulatory authorities or the organization that issued the certificate to determine its exact validity period. Keep in mind that regulations and guidelines can change over time, so it's always best to consult the most up-to-date information available.
The length of an Asbestos Awareness course depends on the specific format and delivery method.

At Astutis the Asbestos Awareness course is delivered as a Virtual or Classroom In-Company course and the length of the training is half a day.
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By applying the knowledge and skills gained from the Astutis Asbestos Awareness course you will contribute to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Our training has been tried and tested by 100,000 health and safety professionals. We offer a range of learning options including virtual classroom, online and on-site classroom courses delivered at a premises of your choice on a day of your choice.

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