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DSE and Wellbeing Toolkit IIRSM Approved

Our DSE and Wellbeing Toolkit, approved by IIRSM, has been developed by a leading independent Ergonomics Consultant who shares his knowledge and practical advice in videos throughout. As a convenient online learning resource, it can be used by all employees whenever needed. 

The toolkit is designed to improve employee wellbeing and minimise any health risks while using their workstation. It enables your company to proactively protect its workforce in line with the DSE Regulations.

Hosted on the Astutis Learning Management System (LMS) or on your own company LMS, cost savings and discounts are available in 50, 100 or 200 block licences.

Learning Methods



40-60 Minutes

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements

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DSE Wellbeing Toolkit
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The benefits of effective DSE training

This is a unique online DSE Wellbeing Toolkit hub suitable for all users of any display screen equipment in their job. Employee and company benefits include:

  • Convenient and easy to use online access for all your staff to use whenever they need to
  • Peace of mind that the company has learning in place to ensure compliance with legislation
  • Relevant tools for specific to your company for example branded with your logo and any helpline information
  • Reduce the risk of any health issues such as musculoskeletal, visual, stress that could lead to lost time at work and potential liability claims
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the health and wellbeing of staff resulting in positive behaviour and increased productivity
Each learner has three-months access to the online toolkit.
Designed by Experts for Experts.
Take a look inside the online course to discover how to identify the warning signs and how to manage the outcomes.

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DSE Wellbeing Toolkit
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  • Module 1

    Workstation set-up

  • Module 2

    Increase activity at work

  • Module 3

    Manage your DSE work routine

  • Module 4

    Using mobile DSE devices

  • Module 5

    DSE accessories


  • A risk assessment is completed throughout the course and is available to email to a colleague or an email mailbox.

Course Length

  • 40-60 minutes

Learning Methods

  • Online

    Instant access with interactive study support 

Module 1
Workstation set-up
Module 2
Increase activity at work How to me more active at work
Module 3
Manage your DSE work routine How to best manage your DSE work routine
Module 4
Using mobile DSE devices How to best use mobile DSE devices
Module 5
DSE accessories How to use DSE accessories
  1. How should I set up my workstation?
  2. How can I be more active at work?
  3. How can I best manage my DSE work routine?
  4. How should I best use mobile DSE devices?
  5. How can DSE accessories help me?

IIRSM Approved DSE and Wellbeing Toolkit Fact Sheet

Risk assessment completed throughout the course
The DSE Regulations apply to anyone whose work involves the regular use of display screen equipment. This Display Screen Equipment Toolkit is therefore suitable for anyone who uses DSE for a significant part of their normal working day, whether that be in an office, a factory, on a shop floor, or any other environment where DSE work is essential.

It provides you with an awareness level of knowledge, meaning you will understand how to set up your own workstation ergonomically and follow safe practices.
The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations of 1992 (particularly parts 2, 4, 6and 7) stipulate a legal workplace requirement that:

"All employees are provided with adequate health and safety training in the use of any workstation upon which they may be required to work.
Employees are provided with adequate information regarding all aspects of health and safety relating to their workstations.
Employers should perform health and safety risk assessments of workstations."

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations of 1992, Section, 2, 4, and 6.
The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) is an educational charity and professional body for those managing risk.  It offers practical education, training, advice, networking and resources to help people and organisations be resilient to manage the challenges they face.

As an independent charity, IIRSM speaks freely, helping businesses, public organisations, charities and policymakers appreciate the vital role that sustainable and targeted risk mangement plays - from saving money to saving lives.
Workplace Training

Develop your people for a better organisation

By applying the knowledge and skills gained from the Astutis Approved DSE and Wellbeing Toolkit course you will contribute to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.

Our training has been tried and tested by 100,000 health and safety professionals. We offer a range of learning options including virtual classroom, online and on-site classroom courses delivered at a premises of your choice at a time to suit your needs.

Benefits Of Staff Training At Your Organisation

Cost and time saving benefits for larger number of staff.
Your own dedicated account manager to organise all aspects of your training.
Relevant training for your staff can be tailored to company requests.
Choice and convenience of training delivery options to suit your staff.

Whats The Best Way For My Staff To Learn?

Dependent on staff availability, location, budget and your company needs, choose from the options:

Online - Our interactive and multimedia rich courses for staff to fit in around their commitments

Classroom - Expert tutor-led delivery, hosted in a professional training environment across 6-sites within the UK. Alternatively classroom training can be delivered on-site at your premises for multiple learners.

Virtual - The Virtual Learning Academy is the most modern approach to delivering live-online training without the need to travel

Workplace Training

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Independent and practical consultancy support provided by our Chartered Health and Safety, and Environmental practitioners.

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DSE Wellbeing Toolkit
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