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Risk Assessment in Practice

The Risk Assessment in Practice course provides knowledge and skills to assist employers in conducting workplace risk assessments in accordance with published authoritative health and safety guidance.

The interactive workplace training course covers the basic understandings of risk assessments in the workplace and includes an understanding of risk assessment theory. 

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:
  • Understand the legal requirements for risk assessment
  • Describe the differences in qualitative and quantitative methods used to evaluate and record risks
  • Understand methods of identifying health and safety hazards and persons at risk
  • Use a risk matrix to evaluate risk
  • Apply a practical hierarchy of measures to prevent or control risk
  • Understand the concept of safe systems of work, the use of permits and dynamic risk assessment
  • Appreciate the influence of human factors in risk assessment
  • Know when and where to seek advice.

Assured by RoSPA Qualifications, guarantees you will receive industry-recognised training at the highest standard.

Learning Methods



1 day/ 4-hours online

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements.

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Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice
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Astutis Approved Risk Assessment in Practice

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The Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice course will support you with conducting legally compliant risk assessments in accordance with the HSE guidance INDG163. This course is for you if your role requires you to complete a generic workplace risk assessment and to undertake risk assessments within your own workplace.
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Discover the exciting world of Astutis' Risk Assessment in Practice course. Shape a skilled and confident team and effectively manage risk at your workplace today.

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Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice
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  • Part 1

    Introduction to Risk Assessment

  • Part 2

    The Risk Assessment Process

  • Part 3

    Risk Control

  • Part 4

    Human Failure

  • Part 5

    Specific Cases for Risk Assessment

  • Part 6

    Practical Exercises


  • Learners must achieve 75% on a twenty-question multiple-choice test at the end of the course. 

    Online AssessmentLearners undertake the multiple-choice online and are notified immediately of their marks. Learners have two attempts to pass the multiple choice test. 

    Classroom/Virtual Classroom Assessment: Learners are issued or emailed the multiple-choice test. The tests are presented back to Astutis and learners and/or the employers if appropriate are informed of the test outcomes. Learners have two attempts to pass the multiple-choice test. 

Course Length

  • 4-hours online or 1 day for in-company virtual or classroom delivery.

Learning Methods

  • On-Site

    Professional HSE training delivered at your premises

  • Online

    Instant access with interactive study support 

  • Virtual

    Live-online, engaging and interactive classes

No formal entry requirements
Part 1
Introduction to Risk Assessment This section of the course covers:
  • Sensible risk management, a sensible approach to the assessment and management of risk
  • The legal requirements covering the requirements for health and safety at work in the UK
  • The methods of evaluating and recording the results of a risk assessment
  • The principles of prevention
  • Health and Safety arrangements
  • Risk profiling
Part 2
The Risk Assessment Process
  • Identify the Hazards
  • Decide who might be harmed and how
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions
  • Record the findings and implementation
  • Review of the risk assessment
Part 3
Risk Control
  • Workplace precautions
  • Risk Control Systems (RCS)
  • Management of controls
  • Hierarchies of control
  • Eliminating Risk - reduce, isolate, control
  • Safe Systems of work (SSW)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Permits to Work (PTW)
  • Model, Specific and Dynamic Risk Assessments
Part 4
Human Failure
  • Violations and errors
  • Human factors in risk assessment
  • Hazard and risk perception
  • Hazard perception
Part 5
Specific Cases for Risk Assessment
  • New and expectant mothers
  • Young persons
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Lone workers
Part 6
Practical Exercises
  • Conducting a risk assessment using scenario-based examples

Tailored Course Option

We are able to provide a tailored package for the Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice course to suit your business needs.

Risk Assessment in Practice Course Guide

Once you complete the course, or completed a module, your tutor will issue you with the assessment. If you are sitting the course virtually, you will be emailed a copy of the assessment to complete and we ask that you email the assessment back to Astutis once complete.

Marking of the assessment and posting of the certificate can take between 2-4 weeks. A digital copy of the certificate is also available if required.
There are no entry requirements for the Astutis Risk Assessment In Practice course. 

We only recommend that learners occupy a position in which they are responsible for the completion of risk assessments.
The Astutis Risk Assessment In Practice course is assessed through a twenty-question, multiple-choice test at the end of the course.

To pass the course, learners must score at least 15/20 (75%). Learners will be made aware of their score at the immediate conclusion of their test and will be eligible for an additional retake should they need it. 

There is a four-stage strategy to completing risk assessments; different stages may also branch out into different areas. This strategy is as follows:

Stage 1: Description of Organisation and Methodology 

This is where you set the scene for your assignment. You need to clearly and concisely describe your chosen organisation to ensure the examiner understands what your organisation does. 

After you've given the description, you need to outline how you carried out the risk assessment (methodology used).

Stage 2: Risk Assessment

You need to find and record at least ten hazards from five different hazard categories. 

Stage 3: Prioritise Three Actions With Justification

Here, you should detail how effective each action will likely be in controlling the risk.

Stage 4: Review, Communicate and Check

The final part of the assessment is where you can communicate your recommendations to the relevant person. 

More information on the structure of workplace risk assessments and how to effectively manage them, can be found in the Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice course. 


The Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice course is a one-day health and safety training course designed to aid those in an organisation responsible for conducting risk assessments. 

The course guides how to complete risk assessments to a professional standard, allowing for a proactively safer and more thought-through working environment. 
Risk assessments are rapidly becoming one of the most trusted forms of assessing risks and hazards in the workplace. Employers rely on the accuracy of risk assessments in understanding the severity and potential impact of any workplace risk or hazard. Ensuring risk assessments are completed competently, is incredibly important to sustain a safe working environment. 

The Astutis Risk Assessment In Practice course can provide high staff confidence to identify and accurately describe and assess risk in the workplace.
The Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice course is aimed at anyone in an organisation responsible for conducting risk assessments. The course will also guide those who are accountable for these individuals. 
The RoSPA Course Assurance Certificate is a mark of assurance from RoSPA. It provides reassurance to Astutis learners, customers, and partners that our training programs are of an exceptional standard. The course assurance certificate gives confidence that:
  • The course content contains relevant information.
  • The course is pitched at the appropriate level.
  • The course meets the high standards for trainer competence and course quality.
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Astutis Risk Assessment in Practice
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