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NEBOSH General Certificate

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NEBOSH General Certificate Course

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The first step in building a health and safety career

Whether you're looking to kick-start a career in risk management, or simply looking for a quick and easy way to learn the fundamentals, the NEBOSH General Certificate is the perfect place to start. 

What is the NEBOSH General Certificate?

The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is one of the most widely held health and safety qualifications in the world. It will give you the skills and knowledge to create a safe and healthy place for people to work and visit.

The course is available in two versions - National (for people working in the UK) and International (for people working outside the UK). 

The NEBOSH General Certificate is NEBOSH's most popular level 3 qualification. Both the national and international version of the qualification are recognised worldwide by employers and professional memberships.

NEBOSH Certificate Course Key Facts
Learning MethodsOnline, Virtual, In-company, OnlinePlus and Classroom
Units2 units: NG1 and NG2
AssessmentsAn online open-book exam and work-based assignment
Entry RequirementsLiterate in the English language

Why should you take the NEBOSH General Certificate?

90% of health and safety roles demand a NEBOSH qualification. By taking the NEBOSH Certificate, you'll be able to:

  • Maintain a safe, healthy workplace and protect people from life-changing injuries and ill-health 
  • Ensure your company is operating in line with the Plan-Do-Check-Act management system and HSE legislation
  • Improve the overall health and safety performance in your workplace
  • Apply for new jobs and demonstrate your competence to potential employers

Find out more about the benefits of the NEBOSH General Certificate in our blog.

How to take the NEBOSH General Certificate

We offer flexible learning methods to suit all schedules and budget: 

Online Learning: Engaging, interactive learning with tutor support. Study at a time and place that suits you with help whenever you need it.

Virtual Learning: Live, tutor-led training delivered online. Study alongside other professionals in this upbeat, modern take on traditional training. 

In-company TrainingTraditional, tutor-led training for you and your colleagues.

If you would like to know more about how to take your NEBOSH General Certificate qualification, take a look at this post.

Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate for?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is for anyone new to health and safety. In fact, 70% of people who take the course are in roles outside of health and safety such as:

  • General Managers/Supervisors
  • HR Managers
  • Operational Managers
  • Public Service Workers
  • Directors

Why choose Astutis?

Ongoing guidance

Our CMIOSH tutors will provide you with guidance and support every step of the way

Stay on track

Personalised study timetable to keep you on track with your course and build your confidence

Peer support

Exclusive Astutis community support to connect with other NEBOSH learners 

Immersive learning

Interactive learning checks, past exam to test your knowledge

NEBOSH General Certificate Syllabus

The NEBOSH National General Certificate is divided into two units: NG1 and NG2. Each are assessed separately.

NG1 is broken down into four elements made up of:

  • Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety
  • Element 2: How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  • Element 3: Managing risk - understanding people and processes
  • Element 4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring

NG2 is a practical risk assessment demonstrating an understanding of elements 5 - 11:

  • Element 5: Physical and psychological health
  • Element 6: Musculoskeletal health
  • Element 7: Chemical and biological agents
  • Element 8: General workplace issues
  • Element 9: Work equipment
  • Element 10: Fire
  • Element 11: Electricity

See the full NEBOSH Certificate syllabus here.

How is the NEBOSH General Certificate assessed?

There are two assessments for the NEBOSH General Certificate:

  • An online open-book assessment assessing the knowledge gained in elements 1 - 4. 
  • A practical assignment to demonstrate the skills learned in elements 5-11.

You need to pass both assessments to achieve your NEBOSH General Certificate.

How long does it take to complete the NEBOSH General Certificate?

NEBOSH recommends 113 hours to complete the course. These are split depending on your learning method:

Online Learning: Our online course allows you to complete your study hours in your own time, at your own pace. You'll have access to the e-learning resources and online tutor support for 12 months from the start of the course date.

Virtual/Classroom Learning: Tutor-led courses last 10 days, split over 2 weeks. Sessions are usually scheduled from 9am - 4pm GMT. 

Take a look here for insight into how long it takes to complete the NEBOSH General Certificate course.

How hard is the NEBOSH General Certificate?

The NEBOSH General Certificate is a level-3 qualification, equivalent to a UK A-level. You need to achieve 45% in your open book exam and meet all the criteria for the practical assignment to pass. 

Over 175,000 people have gained the NEBOSH General Certificate qualification since it was launched. So, providing you put in plenty of study time and prepare for your exams, there's no reason you won't pass. 

Read more about how hard the NEBOSH General Certificate is here .

How much does the NEBOSH General Certificate cost?

Many factors determine the price of a NEBOSH Certificate course including location, support and exams.

  • Online Course: £450 + VAT (£650 + VAT for bundles including exams)
  • Virtual Course: £1800 + VAT
  • Classroom Course: from £1980 + VAT
  • In-company: contact us for a quote

Learn more about the NEBOSH Certificate course prices in our How Much Does it Cost to Take a NEBOSH General Certificate Course blog.

Is there funding for the NEBOSH General Certificate?

Yes, depending on individual circumstances. NEBOSH have teamed up with the Charities Safety Group to help qualify those who work at charities and voluntary sector groups.

ELC logo - Get ELC funding to take this courseIf you have served in the armed forces, you can apply for funding through Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credits. You can get up to 80% of your course paid for depending on how long you were in the military for.

Personal loans and CITB funding are also available for those eligible. Find out more about funding for the NEBOSH General Certificate here.

Studying for the NEBOSH General Certificate

How you study for your NEBOSH General Certificate can significantly impact the results you get. Take a look at this helpful article for tips on how to get the most out of your course. It covers:

  • Creating a study timetable
  • Structuring study sessions
  • Revisions techniques
  • Exam preparation

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NEBOSH National General Certificate - Online Course
(Ex VAT) £450.00
NEBOSH National General Certificate with Exams - Online Course
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Upcoming course dates


NEBOSH National General Certificate

Location: Bristol - Engineers' House
Course Delivery Method: Classroom
NG Wk1 08/11/2021
NG Wk2 13/12/2021
NG1 Exam 01/12/2021
NG2 Prac 12/01/2022

NEBOSH National General Certificate

Location: Wakefield - Low Laithes Golf Club
Course Delivery Method: Classroom
NG Wk1 08/11/2021
NG Wk2 13/12/2021
NG1 Exam 01/12/2021
NG2 Prac 12/01/2022

NEBOSH General Certificate

Location: Virtual
Course Delivery Method: Virtual
NG Wk1 15/11/2021
NG Wk2 13/12/2021
NG1 Exam 01/12/2021
NG2 Prac 12/01/2022

NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+

Location: OnlinePlus
Course Delivery Method: OnlinePlus+
T0 Welcome Webinar 02/12/2021
T1 Elements 1 & 2 17/12/2021
T2 Element 3 & Mock 06/01/2022
Mock Marking 14/01/2022
T3 Element 4 & Exam Prep 20/01/2022
T4 NG2 the practical 17/02/2022
T5 Elements 5 & 6 10/03/2022
T6 Elements 7 & 8 08/04/2022
T7 Elements 9,10&11 21/04/2022
NG1 Exam 03/02/2022
NG2 Prac 08/06/2022
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The NEBOSH Certificate takes approximately 113 hours to complete. The classroom course runs over 2 split weeks.

Taking on a new course can be a daunting prospect and one that takes a lot of thinking about. The amount of time and money invested in getting the best result possible is significant so it is crucial you understand what to expect. As a result of this there are a number of commonly asked questions which we have aimed to answer as best as possible on this page and below:

  • Who is the NEBOSH General Certificate for? The NEBOSH General Certificate is aimed at people who are just starting their role or career in health and safety. There are two versions - national and international. 
  • Can anyone take the NEBOSH certificate? As the NEBOSH Certificate is a foundation level qualification there is no prior knowledge required in order to take it. So, yes anyone is able to take this course!
  • Does a NEBOSH certificate expire? Once you have completed the 2 units there is no need to retake any of them again. However you will need to complete both units within 5 years to pass successfully.  

If you would like to take a look at more commonly asked questions around the NEBOSH Certificate please take a look here.

The NEBOSH Certificate classroom course costs £1,980 + VAT, including all exams. The NEBOSH Certificate online course costs £650 + VAT, including all exams.

There are three main players when it comes to foundation level health and safety qualifications including the NEBOSH General Certificate, the NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and the new NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business.

While these courses qualify someone to the same level, they differ greatly when it comes to learning method:

  • NEBOSH General Certificate: The NEBOSH General Certificate provides an understanding of HSE regulations, hazards and risk assessments, acting as a foundation for a career in health and safety.
  • NVQ Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety:  This qualification is a worked-related competency based qualification and concentrates more on assessing current skills instead of teaching new knowledge. This course is aimed more towards those who are already in a health and safety role.
  • NCFE IOSH Level 3 Certificate in Safety and Health for Business: This course focuses on providing a business and technical focus towards health and safety, allowing for a more strategic approach.  Again, this course is aimed towards those already in a health and safety role and is a portfolio based qualification.

Learn more about these similar courses in this article.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate and NEBOSH International General Certificate are both versions of the NEBOSH General Certificate. The National General Certificate couse is available in the UK only and the International General Certificate is available to all countries outside of the UK.

They’re the same level, have the same units, elements and learning outcomes and they both follow the same exam structure and grading system.

The course content isn’t that much different either. They both teach you how to manage health and safety based on the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” management system. But they reference different legislation and regulation in the finer details. Find out more about the difference in versions here.

Choosing a provider for a course like the NEBOSH General Certificate can be really difficult for 2 reasons.

  1. Because there are so many providers
  2. Because you want to ensure you get the best value for money

There are many ways to help you choose which provider is best for you. We always recommend looking at online reviews and testimonials to understand things such as course quality and level of customer service. However, it is also important to consider things like the types of learning they provide, what course material you will be provided with and how much tutor support you'll get.

Finally, pass marks are also important to consider. You need to have confidence that your provider will help you gain that all important pass mark so ensure you check out what their pass rates are and how students are prepared for their exams at the end of the course.

Read more on choosing a NEBOSH General Certificate provider.

The NEBOSH NGC course is an ideal place to start as it gives a broad grounding in the field of health and safety. The NEBOSH National Diploma course will build on knowledge gained at this level. Whilst it is not necessary to have a pre-qualification to take the NEBOSH National Diploma, we would highly recommend it.

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