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NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Syllabus

NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Syllabus

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The NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety course, previously known as the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management, is a new qualification in fire risk management.

Launched in March 2021, the updated syllabus provides the knowledge and understanding to carry out an effective fire risk assessment and embed food practice in the workplace.

Download the new NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety Factsheet.

The course consists of 2 units assessed with an open book exam and practical assignment.

Learning outcomes

By completing the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety you’ll be able to:

  • Justify fire safety improvements using moral and financial arguments
  • Advise how fires and explosions can occur and the appropriate controls to minimise fire and explosion risks
  • Advise your employer on the requirements for the fire protection of premises and workers including the appropriate training obligations
  • Carry a fire risk assessment in your own workplace – prioritising risks, inspecting the workplace, recognising a range of common fire hazards, evaluating risks (taking account of current controls), recommending further control measures, planning actions 

Full course syllabus

Unit FSC1: Fire Safety

  • Element 1: Managing Fire Safety
    • Moral and financial reasons for managing fire safety
    • The role of national governments and international bodies in developing frameworks for the regulation of fire safety
  • Element 2: Principles of Fire and Explosion

    • 2.1 The principles of combustion, fire growth and fire spread
    • 2.2 The ignition of solids, liquids and gases
    • 2.3 Explosion and explosive combustion
  • Element 3: Fuel, Oxygen and Ignition Sources and Control Measures

    • 3.1 sources of fuel, oxygen and ignition sources
    • 3.2 Appropriate control measures to minimise fire and explosion risks
  • Element 4: Fire Protection of Buildings

    • 4.1 The means of fire protection and prevention
    • 4.2 Means of escape
    • 4.3 The methods and systems available to give early warning of fire
    • 4.4 classification of fires, extinguishing media and portable fire-fighting equipment
    • 4.5 The method of operation and maintenance of fixed installation systems
    • 4.6 Requirements for ensuring access for the fire service is provided and maintained
  • Element 5: Safety of People in the Event of a Fire

    • 5.1 Fire emergency plan
    • 5.2 Fire evacuation
    • 5.3 Behaviours of people in the event of a fire
    • 5.4 Appropriate training requirements
  • Element 6: Fire Safety Risk Assessment

    • 6.1 Objectives of fire safety risk assessments
    • 6.2 Principles and practice of fire safety risk assessments
    • 6.3 Matters to be considered in a risk assessment of substances capable of forming a flammable or explosive atmosphere

Unit FSC2: Fire risk assessment

  • 1.1: Purpose and aim
  • 1.2: Marking
  • 1.3: Assessment location
  • 1.4: Assessment requirements
  • 1.5: submission of completed work
  • 1.6: Further information

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