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Your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Exams With Astutis

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate has two assessments: 

  • EMC1: Open book exam and supporting closing interview.
  • EMC2: Practical risk assessment. 

You must pass both to achieve your full qualification.

Unit EMC1: Open Book Exam

Unit EMC1 is assessed with an open book exam which is submitted online. The exam should take around 3 hours, but you'll have 24 hours to download your exam paper, complete your answers, and submit them to the NEBOSH portal for marking.

The exam paper will include a case study and set of task-based questions which relate to the content covered in elements 1-9. 

The aim of the exam is to test your ability to apply your learning to a real workplace scenario. Your answers should be relevant to the given situation and, when appropriate, reference evidence from it directly.

Closing interviews

Closing interviews are held within the weeks following your Open Book Exam. The interview should last around 10 minutes and will be completed online. 

Don't worry, the interview doesn't impact your marks for your paper. It's simply there to confirm your identity and make sure it was you who completed the exam.

Unit EMC2: Practical Risk Assessment

Unit EMC2 is a marked risk assessment. You need to apply your understanding of elements 3-9 by reviewing the environmental aspects and impact of your own workplace. 

The risk assessment is split into 4 stages, based on the requirements of ISO 14001:2015:

  • Introduction to the organisation and methodology used
  • Identification of environmental aspects, associated impacts, an existing controls
  • Significant aspects, key issues, and recommended additional measures
  • Communication and review

Upcoming NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Exam Dates

You need to register for your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate exam at least 4 weeks before your chosen exam date. 

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Open Book Exam Dates

Exam date

Registration deadline

02 February 202229 December 2022
04 May 202229 March 2022
03 August 202229 June 2022
02 November 202228 September 2022


NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Practical Assignment Submission Dates

Exam date

Registration deadline

To book your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate exam, just fill in the orange form with the required information. Our exam coordinator will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your booking and explain the next steps. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at

Your NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Exam Results

Results for your exam paper should be emailed to you within 50 working days of your exam date. Your full qualification will not be complete until you pass your EMC2 Practical Submission.

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