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CDM 2015 in Practice Syllabus

CDM 2015 in Practice provides an in-depth explanation of the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015, which replace CDM 2007. The course presents the specific ‘interactive’ duties CDM 2015 places on those planning, managing, monitoring, coordinating and carrying out construction work.

Overall learning outcomes

On completion of each the course, learners should be able to demonstrate their understanding of the domain knowledge covered by:

  1. The application of knowledge to familiar and unfamiliar situations
  2. The critical analysis and evaluation of information presented in both quantitative and qualitative forms

Full course syllabus

1. Introduction to CDM 2015 and interpretation of:

  • 1.1: Scope, application, and key terminology
  • 1.2: Codes of practice
  • 1.3: Industry guidance.

2. Clients' new duties and responsibilities.

3. The specific duties of and practical interactive duties of planning, managing, co-ordinating, between the five duty holders, which are:

  • 3.1: Client
  • 3.2: Principal Designer
  • 3.3: Designer
  • 3.4: Principal Contractor
  • 3.5: Contractor.

4. Overview of the general health and safety requirements for all construction sites.

5. Key documentation:

  • 5.1: Notification
  • 5.2: Pre-construction information
  • 5.3: Construction phase plan
  • 5.4: Health and safety file.


The assessment comprises a one hour open book test. An Astutis Certificate will be awarded on successful completion.

CDM 2015 in Practice course: futher information

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