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How Much Does an IOSH Course Cost?

How much does an IOSH Course cost? Find out how much an IOSH course costs and how to judge the real value of the IOSH course with Astutis' blog.

February 2019

This blog was updated in March 2023 to reflect the latest price changes and course updates.


Choosing an IOSH Course is an investment towards your career or your organisation's health and safety standards. 

Prior to making a decision, there are a few questions you might need answered. The first question usually asked is 'what is the cost?' , closely followed by 'is it worth it?'. Naturally, you need these key facts up front before you can make any reasonable decision. 

This blog is designed to support you understand the typical cost of the popular IOSH courses and important pointers to consider when choosing the right course for yourself or teams of employees. A course price should never be considered in isolation. It is important to find the training that delivers the best value for money and meets your objectives.

What Factors Influence the Price of IOSH Courses?

Learning Methods for Individual Learners

How you study an IOSH course will directly affect the price you pay. We'll review the different learning methods available and how they are priced and aspects of each way of learning to consider before you buy. It is important you get value for the money you are investing in your future.

Online Learning : Flexible and learner-centric

The method of study of the IOSH course will affect the price: an online course will cost less than a classroom based course. So, if you are price conscious, online learning is worth considering. It offers flexibility and convenience; you decide when and where to study so there are no travel costs. You work through the course at a pace that suits you. The assessment is also completed online. 

As an online learner, you will be gifted complete control over your studies. 

The cost for Astutis’ Online IOSH Managing Safely is £365+VAT. The Online delivery of the course provides you with 6 months access to the course material, online tutor support to answer any questions, access to resources and discussion forums to engage with fellow learners and share ideas. 

Astutis' Online Learning Campus courses, are hosted on an award-winning Learning Management System. An easy to use and innovative platform, offering an interactive learning experience.  

When choosing your course provider, it is important to find out what is actually included in the price of your chosen course. 

Classroom Learning: Structured and Traditional

Classroom courses are usually the most expensive learning method you could choose. The cost covers the venue, lunch and refreshments and of course the tutor on hand to guide you through the course modules in a structured and professional manner.

Astutis follows a no hidden costs policy, with our learners always informed of everything that is included in the price they pay.

Currently Astutis offers the IOSH Managing Safely at £699+VAT  and IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors at £280+VAT as a Classroom course at a location near you. 

Virtual Learning : Interactive Virtual Academy

Virtual courses offer the traditional structure of Classroom learning, delivered straight to your door.

The delivery of the course, ensures that the cost is lower than Classroom courses. However, due to the structured, instructor led sessions delivered on set dates by our experienced CMIOSH qualified tutors, the cost of Virtual learning is higher than Online learning. 

At Astutis we currently offer the IOSH Managing Safely at £595+VAT and the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors at £210+VAT as Virtual Academy learning courses. 

Learning Methods for Multiple Members of Staff 

With IOSH training delivered at your premises, it's never been easier to ensure your employees are equipped with the latest health and safety skills. 

In-Company delivery method is more cost effective for organisations. The training tends to be charged on a day rate for the tutor plus additional costs for course materials and certifications. 

Benefit from Astutis' In-Company training discounts when purchasing over 10 courses. To find out more, you can get in contact with us here.

In-Company Training Tailored to Your Needs

Apart from its cost effectiveness, there are various benefits for choosing to get your staff IOSH accredited through In-Company training. 

The benefits include, a wide choice of experienced tutors to select the best fit for your company and staff. You may want to train your staff with a tutor that holds experience relevant to the sector you're involved in. Delivering relevant IOSH courses to your staff, is fundamental to ensure the success of your training.

In addition, In-Company training also allows you to personalise the course material and integrate your company policies, procedures, risk assessments, in addition to using typical workplace scenarios to illustrate the concepts taught.

In-Company Training Delivered Online

If you have members of staff with limited availability or based at different locations, Online training provides a very convenient solution.

It's not only budget friendly but it also provides flexibility. an essential factor for companies. You gain access to the online IOSH license for each staff member and often benefit from significant savings. For example the price of the license fee drops by approximately 33%, when you buy over 100 licenses.

The Ultimate Goal: Quality of Your IOSH Training


If you are going to commit your or your employees' time taking an IOSH course, don’t compromise on quality because you won’t be saving yourself or your organisation any money. Wasting time on an Online, Virtual or Classroom IOSH course that is badly structured, with poorly written materials and lacking interactivity will lead to poor results.

It will depend on your chosen provider's course, how interesting and effective your IOSH learning experience will be. However, a good quality IOSH course will be well structured with plenty of interactive activities. Whether you are in a Classroom, Virtual or Online setting, it is important that you proactively participate throughout the learning to enable you to understand new concepts. A good IOSH course will have plenty of practical scenarios to apply your knowledge and help you remember everything you've learned.

When considering an IOSH course, if you have a range of course price points from potential providers, only by trialling it for yourself you can understand to judge its value and quality! For an Online and Virtual course, you could always ask for a course demo. Similarly, for a Classroom course, you could ask if you can review a sample of the materials and enquire about the structure of the training days.

To discover our entire IOSH health, safety and environmental training catalogue, click the button below!

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