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How Much Does the NEBOSH Diploma Cost?

December 2023

Are you ready to take your career in health and safety to the highest level and become a Practitioner? 

If you have completed the NEBOSH Certificate and you want to progress, the NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma ("NEBOSH Diploma" )has the reputation as the best qualification to complete. 

The NEBOSH Diploma will help you develop your professional competence so you are confident to make the right decisions and meet company objectives. So if this is your career goal and you are ready for the NEBOSH Diploma, the next question is, how much is it?

How Much Does the NEBOSH Diploma Cost?

The NEBOSH National Diploma typically starts at £1,760 +VAT, for a remote self-paced learning course. However, this depends on where you are taking the course and which provider you decide to go with.

Do not be put off by the price of the NEBOSH Diploma; it is a degree level qualification. If you are considering a classroom course, the cost will typically be much higher, however you could consider a virtual classroom course or an online course as a study method.  

As you do your research, prices will vary dramatically. Therefore, it is important that you find out from potential providers the type of learning experience they can offer you. So, when you ask for the price of the NEBOSH Diploma, the next question is what do I get for my money?

What Can I Expect From the NEBOSH Diploma Course?

As you are committing to this first class health and safety qualification, I would strongly recommend you find out exactly what each course provider includes in the price. 

I will highlight important factors to consider when you are deciding which the best course provider to study with, is. This is a big commitment, so you need to understand what the learning experience will look like and if it is right for you to succeed in passing the NEBOSH Diploma qualification.

Factors Influencing the NEBOSH Diploma Fees and Pricing

  • The method that you choose to study the NEBOSH Diploma:
    • Online or e-Learning
    • Virtual Classroom
    • Distance Learning
    • Physical Classroom.
  • The amount of tutor and study support available.
  • The level of exam preparation - of the utmost importance, especially as the Diploma has an Open-Book exam.
  • Learning resources and how long you can access them. 
  • Additional costs: 
    • Exam Fees
    • Extending Online Course Access
    • Webinars etc.
  • Access to NEBOSH Diploma learner forums and Alumni communities.
  • Overall pass rates and first time pass rates.

Studying the NEBOSH Diploma Course and Available Learning Methods

As mentioned, the learning method you choose may be the biggest influencer of the final price. In this blog I will review the key factors of the most cost effective method, the Online Learning NEBOSH Diploma course.

Online Learning (eLearning): What is Included in the Price?

Online learning offers the ultimate convenience, which is so important to our busy lives today. If you cannot commit to a Virtual course of 6 weeks over a year, Online learning is a flexible and very popular solution.

Choosing the Right Online Learning Partner For You: What Questions Should I Be Asking?

When conducting your research on the NEBOSH Diploma Online learning prices published on provider websites, make sure you contact each one to find out in detail what is included. This will influence the quality of both your purchasing and online learning experience.

Effective studying with the best resources and tutor support will deliver a successful result. You can then decide if this suits your way of learning so you can pass your NEBOSH Diploma. Ask about:

1. Tutor and Study Support

The quantity and quality of the NEBOSH Diploma tutor support:

  • What does that look like and how do  I access it?
  • Can I interact with other NEBOSH Diploma learners online?
  • Does the provider have adequate customer reviews?

2. Exam Preparation

  • Can I answer exam questions and do practice exams that are marked with feedback?
  • Are there revision webinars? 
  • Can I access the resources whilst waiting for the Open Book Exam window to open?

3. Learning Resources

  • Are there plenty of multimedia and interactive activities in the course?
  • How long can you access the course for? 
  • Are learning checks included? 
  • Are the courses designed by learning experts?

3. Ask a Course Demo or Trial

This is the best way for you to judge its quality and if it is right for you. Astutis offer a free trial with no obligation. Just contact us today via Live Chat.

Additional Costs for NEBOSH Assessments

In most classroom courses, the cost of the exam is usually included in the course price but do check. For online courses with other training providers, NEBOSH Diploma assessments may be an additional cost. 

At Astutis we are always transparent about our NEBOSH Diploma course and exam prices and what's included . With other providers, you may need to factor this cost in when the time comes to register for the exam.

Ensure that you ask your course provider the cost for each NEBOSH exam, now called assessments. Ensure that you have a clear understanding for the costs of all three assessments, the DN1/DI1, the DN2/DI2, and the DN3/DI3. 

Remember to also check the cost of exam resits and course extensions. Even though these are not always needed, it's great for learners to be prepared in case extra time is required.

Virtual Tutor-Led Classroom: What is Included in the Price?

A NEBOSH Virtual Classroom course is typically more expensive. Reasons for this include the benefit of having tutor-led virtual classes, with a structured schedule across 6 weeks and ongoing live access to CMIOSH tutor support.

Choosing the Right Virtual Learning Partner For You: What Questions Should I Be Asking?

To help you decide if the Virtual course provider is worth the price, find out about:

1. Training Experience

  • What is a typical day in the Virtual class like? 
  • Filled with discussions, case studies, group exercises?
  • How many tutors will you have and what are their qualifications and experience?

You don’t want to be paying to sit through endless PowerPoint slides with no interaction!

2. Are There Additional Resources?

Do you have access to webinars,  additional course materials and supplementary study guides?

3. Course Details

  • How often is the course run? 
  • How many learners are there in the group?
  • What does the timeframe of the course/ class delivery look like?
  • What are the software platforms used?
  • What are the provider's pass rates?

For physical classroom learning, please bear in mind additional costs, which may include travel, parking and potentially accommodation if the venue is too far for you to commute to each day.

Why Should You Study the NEBOSH Diploma?

It will probably be the best investment in your professional health and safety career if you are serious about protecting your workforce and gaining a credible qualification.

Once you have completed the Diploma, your knowledge and expertise will be in great demand by employers, all over the world. Companies that employ this high level of professional competence know they can rely on an invaluable level of expertise to make a positive change.

Advantages of investment in the NEBOSH Diploma training include:

  • Significant Career Boost: the NEBOSH Diploma is probably one of the few qualifications that will dramatically transform your career and opportunities. Holding a NEBOSH Diploma can increase your salary by 16% based on NEBOSH research.
  • Strategic Expertise: you will be much better equipped to make effective decisions and contribute to strategic planning within your company.
  • Confidence in Your Practical Skills: the syllabus covers the skills that are essential to health and safety professionals. NEBOSH Diploma graduates are much more self-assured to use their in-depth knowledge effectively in their role.

Payment Options for the NEBOSH Diploma?

First, find out if your employer will finance your NEBOSH Diploma. For more information on highlighting the company benefits of a NEBOSH Diploma contact your course provider.

A variety of funding options are also available for the NEBOSH Diploma. At Astutis we accept both credit card, PayPal and invoice arrangements. 

Payment plans

If you have to self-fund your NEBOSH Diploma, ask course providers about payment plans. One option is to pay for each of the three Units the DN1/DI1, the DN2/DI2, and the DN3/DI3  separately and spread the payment as you work through and pass each Unit.

Dive into our blog to uncover the many funding options for NEBOSH courses.

Whatever course provider and method you choose, make sure you have an interesting and positive learning experience that will lead to success. At Astutis, you are guaranteed to benefit from the following learning tools and resources in whatever learning method you choose so you can pass:

  • Ongoing tutor support
  • 6 revision and unit webinars to prepare you for the Open-Book assessment
  • Discussion forums to connect with Diploma learners and tutors
  • Plenty of assessment practice
  • Open-Book exams held in line with the NEBOSH schedule.

Does the NEBOSH Diploma Expire?, take a look at our blog to find out.

For more information about the NEBOSH Diploma click below!

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