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Is the NEBOSH Diploma Worth It? 6 Reasons Why You Should Take the NEBOSH Diploma

January 2024


  1. The NEBOSH Diploma is hastily becoming a ‘must-have’ in the Health, Safety and Environmental Management industry with companies seeking out staff with the accreditation.
  2. The course offers 415 hours of comprehensive understanding covering all workplace risks and how to effectively manage them.
  3. Businesses around the world continue to ensure their workforce remains compliant and confident with the latest Health and Safety regulations, upskilling them with the NEBOSH Diploma. 
  4. Aspiring individuals who have passed the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety will find the NEBOSH Diploma to be the perfect next step in the health and safety management journey. 

Before you enter your learning journey in a Health, Safety and Environmental training course, it’s paramount to be prepared. Understanding the course structure, the effort, hours and commitment it will require from you, are only some of the factors that can determine the success of your journey.

As a leading Health, Safety and Environmental training provider, Astutis understands the importance of being informed and prepared at every step of your learning journey, from deciding which course is right for you, to studying and completing your assessments. We are committed to supporting our learners to maximise their gains from their chosen qualification and have the utmost confidence in their ability to pass their course. 

In our blog, we will explore one of the most popular and in-demand courses, our NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals and discuss why it's more than just a health, safety and environmental training course. 

The NEBOSH Diploma is widely considered the blueprint of health and safety. It continues to train workforces and individuals alike around the world, making the world a safer place. Because of the course's complexity and length, it can be easy to overlook several of the advantages learners receive after passing the course.

Our blog will uncover six reasons why you should consider taking the NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. We hope to aid your research with everything you need to know before deciding on the next step of your learning journey 

1. Become the Best of the Best: Protect People From Injury and Ill-health in Dangerous Environments

No one likes to lag, especially when it comes to keeping yourself and others safe. The NEBOSH Diploma provides a comprehensive understanding of all primary core health and safety areas. 

  • DN1 offers a forensic investigation into regulations, civil law and the prosecutions related to workplace health and safety. 
  • DN2 discusses the importance of mental health and more obscure workplace risks.
  • DN3 promotes better practice about machinery, fire risks and working at height. 

For a complete course syllabus overview, take a look at our course guide.

In short, display leadership, force the very best out of those around you and become the standard. With the NEBOSH Diploma, the power is in your hands to master the latest health and safety strategies and techniques and keep everyone safe. The course gives potentially life-saving instructions covering all significant and obscure workplace dangers and risks.

The NEBOSH Diploma is the gold standard for all health and safety qualifications. NEBOSH continue to provide learners with unparalleled skills and industry-leading philosophies. Individuals or entire workforces can rest assured that they are pushing forward, not lagging!

2. Influence Positive Change 

As society heals and looks to put COVID-19 in its rear-view mirror, it's time to make a difference and strive to be better. 

Whether you are looking to improve your job prospects or are a company looking to enhance your standards in health and safety, the NEBOSH Diploma covers 415 hours’ worth of fundamental health, safety and environmental understanding. 

The NEBOSH Diploma is desirable for companies looking to ensure their workforce complies with the latest health and safety regulations. It provides the training required for employees transitioning into supervisory or management roles and covers, in complete detail, everything important in the health and safety spectrum. The latest incarnation of the course features an industry-leading analysis of workplace mental health that ensures employees understand their wellbeing. 

3. Accelerate Your Career in Health and Safety

For aspiring individuals looking to take the next step in their careers, the NEBOSH Diploma could be precisely what you need. 

An overwhelming amount of advertised health and safety management roles specifically ask for the NEBOSH Diploma. In today's extremely competitive job market, get a head start on your competition now with the NEBOSH Diploma. 

The Diploma will inject new life into careers, bringing enhanced salaries and broader job opportunities. Find out why former NEBOSH students took the Diploma below.

Take a look at our blog to discover the top 10 interesting careers you can get with the NEBOSH Diploma.


4. The Latest Version of the NEBOSH Diploma is a Gamechanger

After extensive planning and research, NEBOSH has engineered the most comprehensive and accessible qualification to date. As discussed above, the course is jam-packed with thorough practical training in all health and safety areas. 

However, understanding how to study the course in the best way for you is crucial. Astutis offer the NEBOSH Diploma in five different formats. Each method is designed to accommodate a variety of needs and requirements. 

  • Virtual Classroom: An Astutis exclusive and industry-leading learning format that combines the traditional classroom learning delivery with the flexibility and freedom of virtual training. 
  • Online: Learners can enter our award-winning LMS platform, with access to all course material to independently undertake their training on their terms.
  • Classroom: Our most traditional and structured learning format with an accredited tutor leading in-person lessons at a location near you.
  • Distance: Engineered to accommodate the most independent learners who prefer self-study, the Distance format gives the learner complete control.
  • In-Company: Working with Astutis, companies can train their staff at their premises. 

The latest NEBOSH Diploma version is different in the following ways:

  • Now only a 30-day course, instead of 35 days.
  • There are three assessments when previously there were four.
  • Learners can now complete all assessments remotely.

Find out all about the latest syllabus in the first season of our Health and Safety Digest podcast dedicated to the NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals - 'The Health and Safety Digest'.

5. Join a Global and Ever-Growing Community!

With our Online and Virtual learning methods, learners can forge special bonds for life with other learners. The social aspect of learning is essential and flows through every part of the NEBOSH Diploma. Never forget that you are never alone when you study for the NEBOSH Diploma. Other learners are in the same boat, introduce yourself and help each other accomplish your goals together!

The most important aspect of the training experience is what you can take away from it. To achieve the takeaways, you must ensure you learn in the best way possible. Some learners prefer to learn on their own, at their pace and leisure.

If you prefer to self-study, you must embrace it to maximise your chances of success. Consider the Online or Distance formats for more flexible methods of independent self-study. Whatever your style may be, our vibrant global Online Learner Community and our Astutis Virtual Academy are here to support you. 

6. Educate Yourself and Push Society Forward

As society continues to heal and leave COVID-19 in its past, the importance of health and safety in the workplace has never been higher. COVID may have ripped up the rule book, but NEBOSH has engineered a new one. It's time to ensure everyone does their bit to improve society's standard by being the standard!

The NEBOSH Diploma has re-defined what it means to be safe in the workplace. Not only will the qualification skyrocket your potential, but also society's potential. The course helps to establish a proactive health and safety culture in businesses worldwide that combat negativity and regressive attitudes towards health, safety and wellbeing. 

Final Takeaways: 

  1. The NEBOSH Diploma is ideal for companies looking to upskill their staff or for individuals looking to transition into managerial or supervisory roles. It is ideal for those who have passed the NEBOSH General Certificate.
  2. There are five innovative ways to study the NEBOSH Diploma with Astutis, each tailored to mould the learning around the learners' requirements. 
  3. Companies that upskill their staff through the Diploma will establish a progressive health and safety culture that can redefine safety standards and communication in your business. 

Find out more about the NEBOSH Diploma by accessing the course page through the button below!

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