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Company Benefits of Staff taking the NEBOSH Certificate

If you’ve decided to take your NEBOSH Certificate but you need to persuade your employer of its real value and benefits for the company it's worth reading on. Here are 5 tangible benefits for a company to invest time and money in getting a staff member qualified on the NEBOSH Certificate.

December 2017

If you’ve decided to take your NEBOSH Certificate but you need to persuade your employer of its real value and benefits for the company it's worth reading on. Here are 5 tangible benefits for a company to invest time and money in getting a staff member qualified on the NEBOSH Certificate.

5 Company benefits of investing in a NEBOSH qualified safety professional

1. Become more competitive in the marketplace

Commitment to health & safety means a qualified professional can help the company achieve and maintain, operating to recognised standards such as ISO etc. Organisations working to international standards in health and safety, the environment is a pre-requisite when trying to win new business. 90% of jobs advertised by organisations demand a NEBOSH qualification evidence that companies recognise the value of the NEBOSH courses. Your employer doesn't want to be left behind in the competitive global marketplace.

2. Return on investment

NEBOSH training means developing internal health and safety skills to reduce direct costs such as incidents and accidents (illustrated in the HSE chart), employee absence, litigation, ill-health to name a few.  Less disruption of operations and production positively affect the company’s profit margins.

3. Internal safety knowledge on hand

Employers will feel more reassured that the NEBOSH Certificate qualification develops the practical know-how to manage a wide range of typical health and safety scenarios that companies face on a daily basis. A qualified safety professional employee can work towards maintaining compliance with legislation, effective risk management and a positive safety culture using their knowledge gained in typical workplace scenarios so they work smartly. If any incidents or issues occur managers will be reassured their NEBOSH qualified staff will know how to manage the situation effectively and efficiently. Employers can expect their staff to be confident to use what they have learnt to situations arising in their job and promote a best practice approach.

4. More motivated and engaged workforce

Investment in developing essential health & safety skills internally with a NEBOSH Certificate holder can directly contribute to creating a safer working environment, protecting staff and visitors. Managers actively encouraging everybody to play their part in creating a positive safety culture will result in a more motivated, engaged and therefore committed workforce. Staff are reassured that they are working for a company that visibly cares about the welfare of their workforce.

5. Positive safety culture

Increasingly, companies recognise the benefits of a positive safety culture and the role of managers across all functions (not just health and safety) in developing it. Over 70% of people taking the NEBOSH Certificate are managers not in health & safety who can develop a good understanding of the principles of risk management to use when needed in their job. All managers need to contribute to creating a safety culture for it to be effective and for companies to experience the benefits.

Positioning your safety knowledge as an asset

It’s important that you market yourself effectively: highlight that as a NEBOSH qualified safety professional, you are an essential asset for your manager and team and directly contribute to the success of the company; safety professionals can impact the company’s bottom line by getting staff involved, preventing accidents, disruption and positively improving the company’s brand and reputation.

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