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23 Reasons to Study With Astutis in 2023: Part Two

This is part two of a series of blogs showcasing why we are the industry-leading health, safety and environmental training provider. If you haven't been able to look at part one, we recommend you do so before carrying on!

January 2023

Welcome back! In this final instalment of our '23 Reasons to study with Astutis in 2023' series, we will outline the final 12 reasons that help to showcase why we believe we are the industry-leading provider in health, safety and environmental training.

So, let's get into the final twelve!

12. Our Environmental Initiatives 

We view the climate emergency as one of, if not the most pressing, issue of this generation. As an organisation, we have banded together to set pledges/initiatives to make a prolonged and positive impact.

Namely, we have dramatically cut down our paper usage. We no longer automatically supply physical paper notes. We ask our learners to consider whether they need them; instead, we provide unrestricted access to online materials. We have no single-use plastic at our offices and emphasise the importance of reusable materials whenever possible. Outside the office, we organise regular litter-picking walks in local areas to help minimise pollution.

13. Reputation

We are the industry leaders in health, safety and environmental training because of our reputation. 

For over ten years, we have set the benchmark for health, safety and environmental training courses. Over that time, we have strived to consistently enhance our engagement with our customers and broader learner base to ensure they received the best customer service they could need. 

Our continuing work with our global partners and individual learners and their feedback is the most direct reflection of our standard. It is this that represents our representation. We will never stop continually improving our functionality as a training provider by enhancing the quality of our courses and ensuring we give every tool to maximise the success of our learners.

Our recent accolades in learner pass rates and customer service demonstrate our desire to constantly heighten our aspirations as an organisation. We judge all of this through our relationships with worldwide learners and partners. 

14. Astutis Exclusive: StudySmart™ for Virtual NG/IG learners

We are incredibly proud of how our Learning and Design team harnesses the latest technologies to enhance the learner experience. Astutis StudySmart™ is a prime example. 

Currently only available for Virtual NEBOSH General/International Certificate learners, Astutis StudySmart™ complements the course by gifting a more alternative training experience by utilising more innovative technologies and media. 

Astutis StudySmart™ showcases what we believe to be the future of engaging, proactive digital learning. Although still in its infancy, the feature has garnered universal acclaim from global learners and organisations. This is only the beginning, and we look forward to developing more industry-leading course features that can assist our learners towards success. 

15. Multi-currency

Astutis are delighted to offer our wider international Astutis family a more accessible learner journey with us. Wherever they may be, learners can now transact in their preferred currency. 

Here is how it works:

  1. Choose a new currency by clicking the currency button in the eCommerce website navigation menu.
  2. From your currencies list, go to the currency and select your preferred currency.
  3. All pricing across the eCommerce websites converts to the new currency.
  4. Complete your transaction with VAT applied to only the VAT-applicable countries.

It has, and always will be, our wish to ensure our wider Astutis family are afforded maximum comfort and convenience when transacting with us. Introducing multi-currency will help bring us closer to our learners than ever before. 

If you want more information on how our multi-currency function can help you, click here

16. Our Award-winning Live Chat team

We take immense pride in our customer service to our learners and the organisations who entrust us with their health, safety and environmental training. A hugely pivotal part of it stems from our award-winning Live Chat team, who often are the first port-of-call to our learners. 

We launched our Live Chat instant messaging service in January 2020. With 31,500 chats undertaken since it launched, we are proud to have maintained our customer chat satisfaction level at 96% - that's 30,240 thumbs up from the most important people in our business, our customers! 

The numbers (we hope) will continue to grow at a time when we are expanding the Live Chat team to ensure our level of customer service remains industry-leading!

17. Multi-media rich training courses

Effective learning depends heavily on engagement from both the tutor and the learners, but having multi-media-rich course materials also promotes proactive learning. 

We have conducted hundreds of hours of learner theory research to master our understanding of accelerated learning - the ideas that maximise successful information retention and eventual exam success - and our goal has always been to incorporate these methodologies into the fabric of our courses. 

One such methodology is to broaden the types or forms of information learners attempt to retain. A combination of active and passive information procession, interwoven with text, pictures, infographics, videos, interactive activities and mock exams - all combine to give our learners the best chance of success. 

18. Our Global Partners

Our work in educating the world to be a healthier and safer place for all allows us to work with some of the world's most prospering organisations.

Our work has gifted us with partnerships with Bentley Motors, Amazon and Shell, among other global conglomerates. We prize any collaboration with organisations to enhance company culture and heighten health, safety and environmental awareness among their workforce. 

Read more about our work with our partners and individuals in our case studies section of the Astutis Hub.

19. Learning to Learn

Learning is a very individual thing. In the simplest terms, everyone learns things differently, in their unique way. You might be surprised how much science is behind effective learning (spoiler: it is a lot). 

Learners who train with us may not have had an educational experience for several years. Trying to effectively learn and memorise a wide berth of technical information after such a long period is difficult. 

This is why we have recently introduced the 'Learning to Learn' module. A refresher module that helps to educate, or refresh, on the most effective ways to learn. It presents several information retention exercises that involve mind mappings, listings and categorisations.

20. OnlinePlus+

Sometimes choosing the right learning format for you can prove troublesome. You may want the flexibility of the online format but don't want to miss out on the control of distance learning. You may want the flexibility of online learning but don't want to miss out on the traditional structure of classroom learning. 

As industry-leading health, safety and environmental training providers, we want to give our learners as much learner-centric learning formats as possible. However, we have realised that in doing so, we have created quite a dilemma for our learners. 

This is why we created OnlinePlus+

OnlinePlus+ combines the ultimate flexibility of online learning with the unparalleled control that comes with the distance format. 

21. Our Account Managers

Our Account Managers are our lifeblood. They are the people who embody our values and ensure your training for either yourself or your organisation is hitting the highest of standards. The overwhelming majority of our Account Managers have been with us for several years, ensuring your needs and requirements are always met. 

Our Account Managers strive for strong relationships with our partners, built on trust and integrity. For more information on their roles, watch the video below!

22. Feefo Platinum Award

Customer Service is at the heart of what we do. Our status as industry-leading health, safety and environmental training providers depend entirely on our relationships with our learners. Those relationships are established from the trust and engagement we sustain with the wider Astutis family. 

As of January 2023, we have been awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award, the highest customer service award attainable at Feefo. The award signifies three years of exemplary customer service, rated by our customers. 

Upon receiving our award, Feefo CEO, Tony Wheble commented;

"Congratulations to Astutis for winning a Platinum Trusted Service Award by providing great customer service consistently over a number of years. I look forward to seeing them continue to achieve next year and beyond."

23. Different Funding Options

To be as accessible to as many learners as possible, we have endeavoured to ensure we offer a wide array of funding options to purchase our training courses. 

ReAct Funding in Wales

This is for residents of Wales who have been made redundant or under a notice of redundancy in the last three months. You can claim up to £1500 of funding for training.

Armed Forces ELCAS Funding

Armed Forces members can get financial support for higher-level learning. Astutis are an approved and registered partner of Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), so you can secure funding to study with us.

Our ELCAS provider number is 5238.

-ELCAS Approved Courses- 

IEMA Courses, all learning methods:

NEBOSH Courses, all learning methods:

Personal Learning Account

A Personal Learning Account will allow you to study part-time around your existing responsibilities. It will enable you to obtain the skills and qualifications you need to change your career or progress in your current job.

This scheme takes place through a college in Wales, either online or in a classroom. Personal Learning Accounts provide flexible courses and qualifications, which the Welsh Government fully funds. Successful applicants will be able to get new skills and capabilities.

Your eligibility will be checked when you apply. You must:

  1. Live in Wales
  2. Want to gain skills/qualifications in priority sectors
  3. Be 19 years old or over

In addition, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1.  Be employed (including self-employed)

Earning under the median income (£29,534), or

  1. A worker on a zero-hour contract, or Agency staff, or
  2. At the risk of being made redundant, or
  3. Employed and been negatively impacted by the economy, for example, the hospitality industry

For more information on our different funding options, contact us through our Live Chat function or email us at 

So there you have it! 23 reasons to study with Astutis in 2023! We think there are more, but we want you to discover those for yourself.  Have a look at some of the links down below to discover our wider media output. 

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