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Improve employee performance with our latest microlearning gamification course design and content. Drive engagement, increase retention and improve employee understanding though our revolutionary learning experience.

Out of this World and not Out-of-the-Box

Our Astutis Universe concept is designed to directly benefit the speed that your employees will absorb their training and retain their learning. Employees enjoy online gamification features that actively engage them with their training. This ultimately correlates to improvements in their employee performance and training outcomes.

Gamified microlearning boosts engagement and improves knowledge retention with personalised training content delivery. Astutis Universe perfectly showcases our capacity to deliver customised microlearning content.
Boost Engagement
Gamified microlearning boosts engagement. Based on cognitive science principles that help the brain learn more effectively.
Improve Retention
Learners spend less time training but retain more through an elevated learning experience.
Reduce Costs
Cut costs by implementing a scalable online and mobile learning system. Optimize day-to-day process and policy training.
Deliver ROI
Reuse your microlearning assets time and again for new learners and also for refresher training - contributing toward saving costs and increasing ROI.
Transforming Training

Gamification by Design

When it comes to designing online content, our online learning team use the best tactics to boost participation and engagement. Feeling inspired? Make first contact and lets talk?

How we develop the Astutis Universe Content

When people learn they prefer engaging, useful and convenient training content.

This means short, sharp and practical materials. Here's our recipe for design success.
Tell A story
Storytelling allows learners to create an emotional connection with a character, fully immersing them in the course.
Unlock your next course
Each planet has different learning objectives and tasks. Learners can choose which course to unlock next and personalise their journey.
Rewards and Levels
We use leaderboards, badges and progress bars to help with motivation and creating a virtual economy between learners.
We set learners challenges to overcome to check their knowledge. Its a sure-fire way to keeep their attention.
Branch Out
We place learners in control allow them to author their own learning journey- choice-challenge-consequence.
Loved by learners, certificates evidence the learning outcomes and are a tangible piece of the experience.

Tailor-Made Health, Safety And Environmental Courses

If you have very specific health, safety and environmental requests our experienced tutors and educational experts can design and develop the perfect customised course programme for your organisation.
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