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NEBOSH International Diploma

NEBOSH International Diploma Course

Accelerate your health and safety career 

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The NEBOSH International Diploma is a leading qualification for health and safety professionals outside the UK. 

It'll teach you how to develop strategy, raise safety standards and drive change in your company. 

Based on international best practice, the NEBOSH International Diploma provides a body of knowledge that's shared by a global community of HSE practitioners, all working to progress the health and safety industry.

On 12 April 2021, NEBOSH, announced an updated version of its Diploma qualification. The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals will replace the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. It can be studied from September 2021. All course delivery prior to September 2021 will continue in the existing syllabus.

NEBOSH International Diploma Key Facts
Learning Methods
Online and Distance learning
NEBOSH recommends at least 500 hours of study
Units4 units covering health and safety management, hazardous agents, workplace equipment and workplace safety
Exams3 written exams and an 8,000 word assignment
Exam venue sitting fees may apply in certain regions, and are payable upon booking exam dates

What is the NEBOSH International Diploma? 

The NEBOSH International Diploma is a level-6, advanced qualification in health and safety. It'll help you enhance your strategic thinking, develop leadership skills, and take on a senior health and safety role.

As globalisation increases, governments and employers recognise the need for a consistent high-standard in health and safety for people in all parts of the world. 

Based on international standards, the NEBOSH International Diploma provides a recognised level of practice that helps to improve safety standards and advance the profession on a global scale. 

Who is the NEBOSH International Diploma for?

The NEBOSH International Diploma is for ambitious health and safety professionals who are operating outside the UK. 

Whether you're looking to achieve a higher position in your company, or simply wish to enhance your competence in a multi-national economy, the NEBOSH International Diploma will give you the advanced knowledge you need to reach your professional goal. 

You should already have a foundation-level of knowledge gained from the NEBOSH International Certificate or at least 5 years’ experience in the field.

What's covered in the NEBOSH International Diploma?

The NEBOSH International Diploma is split into 4 units:

  • Unit IA: Managing health and safety
  • Unit IB: Hazardous agents in the workplace
  • Unit IC: Workplace and work equipment safety
  • Unit DNI: Application of health and safety theory and practice

Read the full NEBOSH International Diploma Syllabus.

How is the NEBOSH International Diploma assessed?

There are three written exams, one each for Units IA, IB and IC. Unit DNI is an 8000 word project that must be typed and submitted by email. 

Written exams are held twice a year in January and July in a NEBOSH approved exam center. Your practical assignment can be typed and submitted four times a year in February, May, August and November. 

What's the difference between the NEBOSH International Diploma and NEBOSH National Diploma?

Both versions of the NEBOSH Diploma offer an advanced look into health and safety management. They both follow the same syllabus and have the same assessments. 

The main difference between the two courses is the regulation and legislation. The NEBOSH National Diploma is based on UK legislation, so it's great for anyone working or operating inside the UK. 

The NEBOSH International Diploma takes a risk management approach based on best practice and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) codes of practice. Local laws and cultural factors are also included when appropriate. It's perfect for anyone working outside the UK, or in a multi-national organisation. 

Why take the NEBOSH International Diploma?

The NEBOSH International Diploma is recognised as the mark of a competent health and safety professional. Combined with practical experience, it'll give the credentials to aim for Head of Health and Safety - and beyond! 

By completing the course, you'll be able to:

  • Protect people from injury and ill-health in dangerous environments
  • Drive and influence change with an effective health and safety strategy
  • Lead a safety-focused workforce across different countries
  • Accelerate your career in health and safety - almost 50% of advertised health and safety roles specifically ask for the NEBOSH Diploma.

Where is the NEBOSH International Diploma recognised?

The NEBOSH International Diploma is recognised by employers and professional membership bodies all around the world. It meets the academic requirements for membership of:

  • The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • The International Institute of Risk Management (IIRM)
  • The Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board
  • Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP)
  • The Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)
  • New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM)
  • South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (SAIOSH)

NEBOSH International Diploma study options

Astutis offer the NEBOSH International Diploma via:

Why take your NEBOSH International Diploma with Astutis?

  • Reassurance with pass rates well above average
  • Ongoing support and guidance from CMIOSH tutors
  • Effective learning using case studies, problem solving, and activities
  • Exam preparation with revision webinars, practice questions, and mock-exams
  • Access to our NEBOSH Diploma LinkedIn group for community learning and support

Get started on your NEBOSH International Diploma

Contact our NEBOSH course advisors for more information on the NEBOSH International Diploma and help to get started. 

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Exam venue sitting fees may apply in certain regions, and are payable upon booking exam dates’

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