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What are the entry requirements for the NEBOSH Diploma?

What are the entry requirements for the NEBOSH Diploma?

25 July 2019


So you’re thinking of taking your NEBOSH Diploma – great news! There can be a lot of questions swimming around your head when you first decide to take on studying. How hard will the course be? Will I be good enough? One common question that gets asked is ‘What entry requirements are there for me to sit the NEBOSH Diploma?’

You’ll therefore be relieved to hear, not that many! Unlike a traditional degree, there are no hard and fast rules on eligibility. However, there are a couple of key standards you need to meet before you decide you’re ready to go.

A Good Standard of English

You may well be able to hold a conversation in English. But in order to sit the NEBOSH Diploma you need to make sure that you have a good standard of academic English. The Diploma explores a number of complicated topics that will need you to understand a lot of complex language.

NEBOSH suggests that anyone taking their Diploma has a minimum standard of English. This is equivalent to an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 7.0 or higher. You can find out more about this and test your standard on the IELTS website.

A Foundation Level Health and Safety Qualification

Although not a specific course entry requirement, it is strongly recommended that you pass your NEBOSH Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety before starting your Diploma.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. An example is if you have many years of experience in a senior health and safety position, with expertise gained on the job. You may also have taken a number of other non-NEBOSH qualifications which will have provided you with background knowledge. No matter how experienced you are it may be a struggle to embark upon your Diploma if you haven’t studied for many years. A foundation health and safety course offers a good way to bridge this gap.

Enough Time to Commit to Studying

It may seem like stating the obvious. But many people severely underestimate how much time they’re going to have to commit to completing a NEBOSH Diploma. If studying online the recommended hours are between 450 and 500. If studying in a classroom you will need to take out 6 weeks (approximately 243 hours) to attend the course, plus around 250 hours of private study. You need to consider existing commitments such as family and work and think about how study can fit around this.

The biggest reason that people fail their Diploma is not dedicating enough time to their studies. This is often down to underestimating how much time they will need to sacrifice in order to pass their exams.

Academic Ability

The NEBOSH Diploma is an in-depth qualification, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. A pretty thorough understanding of health and safety topics is therefore needed before starting the course.

You will also need to be someone who is comfortable with academic study. The course involves three 3-hour written exams that need to be passed. There is also a lengthy assessment for the final unit that will need to be between 8000-10000 words long. It will be important to be comfortable with working under exam conditions as you progress through your course.

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