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6 Benefits of Online Courses You Should Know

December 2023


Online learning is now widely accepted as the preferred learning method for most health and safety professionals and for good reason. There are innumerable benefits gained from using the Astutis online training method. At a glance, it offers flexibility around your work schedule, varied learning materials and the ability to learn wherever you want. We understood the need for health and safety training providers to adapt to the times which is why we have invested heavily in our online learning platform - utilising cutting-edge research and expert opinions to ensure it's as accessible as possible. 

It's unsurprising that two-thirds of our learners (66%) choose our online courses, totalling over 50,000 and increasing year after year.

What is Online Learning?

Online Learning is our most popular training method in which learners work through the course content via our Online Learning Campus. This platform is one of the most innovative and easy to use learning platforms in the world. Our highly skilled Learning Development Team continues to add new updates to courses that help learners to absorb information in a variety of different ways. Video content, real life scenarios, regular learning checks and interactive activities are just some of the ways we maximise learning.

Our online and virtual courses offer a modern way to study. Course notes are available should need them but you can choose when and where you study. In addition to this it has online tutor support and lots of additional resources to prepare your for success. 

With our immediate enrolment for online courses you could start studying straight away with no wait.

Why is Online Learning Important?

The development of online learning is essential to the growth of the health, safety and environmental industries. Being able to train the next generation of professionals requires accessibility and inclusivity. We have made it our mission to ensure everyone has access to excellent training no matter where they are in the world or how they choose to live their lives.

We were pleased to hear that our online NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma course had a big impact on Rob Canham, SHEQ Manager for Terra Firma. Rob opened up to us about his struggles with ADHD and how the variety of materials from our online courses helped to manage his concentration and work in a way that suited him best. Online training isn't the future anymore. It's making a difference right now.

What Are the Benefits of Online Learning?


Online learning is studying with the highest, flexible level of comfort there is. With 24/7 immediate access to all materials, you will always have the power to study whatever you want, whenever you want. 

If you're in a very busy time of life and work is increasingly busy, worry not. Online learning bridges that gap for you. There are no lessons or times to meet (except assessments/exams); instead, the learning is tailored around you to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


If you prefer self-study and learning on your terms, Online learning is the most independent learning method there is. Just remember that with this level of independence, you must be able to motivate yourself and prepare yourself for the exams/assessments that lie ahead. You will have support from our online tutors whenever you need it, but you will need to schedule time for your studies in order to maximise your results.


Accessibility is one of our key remits and it ensures that our learners, including those with disabilities, can access and engage with content and resources without any barriers or friction.

Beyond the course, our online learners of any course will join an ever-growing community of learners all looking to take that exciting next step in their careers, where you can share advice and tips like you're in a classroom.

Those studying our NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma, will also gain exclusive access to our Apex Community to support their ongoing professional development through exclusive blogs, job posts and updates on emerging health and safety policies.


Our distraction free Online Learning Campus optimises the power of the working memory to pick out the essential information, cutting back on walls of text that helps the learners pass the course first time.

It's design and pace is our secret ingredient in the course structure. It keeps you focused on what you need to know at each stage of the syllabus.


Online learning provides the highest level of control for your journey, with guidance at your fingertips whenever you want it. You study at your own pace and no one else dictates the pace for you. 

Want to go back and redo a module? Have at it. Want to study first thing in the morning whilst sipping your coffee? Go for it. There are no limits. You can do each of our carefully crafted modules one by one or study all day. The decision is completely in your hands.


Finding that balance between value for money and quality is tough to strike. All of our courses are priced to ensure that learners receive the very best learning experience possible. The online course is your most cost effective option available.

There are other monetary costs factored into classroom courses such as travel expenses, food and potential accommodation if it's a over several days. The most valuable resource that it costs you is time. Time from other areas of your life or your busy work schedule.

Where Can I Learn Health and Safety Online?

Online courses are becoming more widely available across all industries. Our learning platform has showcased how online training should be and we're proud of the value it provides our customers without sacrificing any quality.

Our dedication to developing online training has secured us commendations and awards for our exceptional online courses and not only that. Our online learners for the NEBOSH Diploma have also received awards for excellence thanks to their studies.

To look through our library of courses that offer an online option you can visit our online courses page below.

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