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Which HSE Training Provider Is Best for You?

June 2024


Deciding which training provider to choose for your health and safety training needs can be a very difficult task. Your training journey is very important and choosing a provider that is respectful of your time and goals is one of the most important steps.

At Astutis, we take our role as the go-to provider for workplace training very seriously. Over the last decade, we have been unrelenting in our belief that the customer experience comes first and everything else is secondary — in every aspect of what we do. We are always focused on perfecting our craft.

In 2023, over 3000 organisations trusted us to deliver their health, safety and environmental training programs because of our approach to learning, which has led 98% of our learners to recommend us. We innovate, we tailor, and we optimise our courses down to the smallest detail, so you come away with everything you need to know about your chosen subject matter. We don’t want you to just pass the course, we want you to excel as an individual and an organisation.

But you already know this. As a Health and Safety professional, you probably know someone who has studied with Astutis as one in five NEBOSH Diploma learners choose Astutis as their training provider. So why not find out what we do, how we do it and why we’re the preferred training provider for so many professionals?


What Services Does Astutis Offer?

We do much more than you think. Not only do we offer first-class workplace training courses. – we also offer consultancy and customised courses.

Workplace Training

We have an extensive library of award-winning courses designed to improve the skills and knowledge of your workforce – from senior leadership to entry-level positions. We offer training for the following:


IOSH stands for The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, a leading Health and Safety membership organisation and Chartered body. IOSH leads the way when it comes to Health and Safety practices in the workplace, with over 100,000 professionals looking to become IOSH-qualified every year.



The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is the leading examining body for the UK health and safety industry. Its globally recognised qualifications are designed to teach learners the skills and knowledge to manage health, safety, and environmental issues in all places of work. Around 50,000 people take a NEBOSH qualification each year worldwide.


The Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) is a UK- based organisation, with well over 20,000 members across the world. IEMA is a worldwide professional body of environmental and sustainability practitioners, and their main aim is to make organisations sustainable and future-proof. IEMA ensures members are knowledgeable, competent, and highly trained in environmental and sustainability matters. Not only that it provides certifications for all aspects of the workforce from frontline staff to senior leadership.

Construction, Design and Management Regulations Training (CDM)

Designed specifically for professionals who work within the construction industry, these practical courses will equip you with the necessary skills to implement health and safety regulations within your business. Allowing you to work safer, whilst remaining compliant- putting safety at the forefront of your business.

Astutis Short Courses

These courses are essential to all professionals working within the health, safety and environmental sector; to minimise risk, and to maximise safety. With a choice of flexible learning methods, these short courses are designed to protect you and your colleagues in the workplace. They cover widely applicable subjects such as manual handling, DSE, fire safety and environmental awareness. These courses are great for organisations and individuals looking to delve into singular aspects of health, safety and the environment.


Our large multidisciplinary team of full-time chartered health, safety, and environmental (HSE) experts has first-hand experience in a diverse range of sectors. Aviation, construction, logistics, manufacturing, food, public sector. You name it, we’ve made it more compliant and safer.

As practitioners, they’ll share in-depth knowledge and experience with you, offering independent and practical advice. Consultancy work we offer can include:

  • SHEAS Advisory Support Service.
  • Audit and Assurance Service.
  • Risk Assessment and Effective Control Strategies.
  • Health, Safety and Environmental.

Customised Courses

If you need something more unique to your work, we can curate courses to develop specific skills. Thanks to our team of health, safety, and environmental experts led by Technical Director, Brenig Moore, courses can be tailored specifically to the needs of the organisation and the challenges they’ll face in their industry. Our Learning and Design team will create a course that perfectly mixes content and delivery styles suitable for your workforce.

We’ll attend your site in person, analyse how you work and create bespoke course content and videos that address the areas you would like covered.


What Types of Courses Are Available?

All of our courses are delivered using various methods, so you can choose the option that best suits your schedule and learning style.

  • Online: Our interactive and multimedia-rich courses are designed for staff to fit in with their commitments. They are delivered via our innovative, industry-leading Online Learning Campus, which maximises productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • OnlinePlus+: Our OnlinePlus+ course comprises of series of scheduled tutorials using webinar software and sits alongside our self-study online course. This learning method gives you the opportunity to ask questions to a dedicated online tutor, share ideas and participate in live discussions. Learners work as part of a group, starting together on a scheduled programme with set time frames. 
  • Virtual: The Virtual Learning Academy is the most modern approach to delivering tutor-led training online without the need to travel.
  • Classroom: Expert tutor-led delivery, hosted in a professional training environment across 6-sites within the UK. Alternatively, classroom training can be delivered on-site at your premises for multiple learners.
  • On-Site: Professional HSE classroom training delivered at your premises or a location of your choosing. Course content can be adjusted based on the needs of your workforce.
  • Distance: Distance courses allow you to work your way through digital downloadable textbook materials and to self-study at your own pace. You have access to the Online Learning Campus for additional help when you need it, including revision webinars designed to prepare you for your exam or assessment.


Why Should You Choose Astutis?

Now that you know what we do, you ought to know what sets us apart from any other training provider out there.

We Prioritise Your Experience Over Everything

Our customer experience is our first and foremost priority. Everything else comes second. Every aspect of our courses has the customer at its heart – and we’re constantly adding new features to enhance our courses. From the ability to learn in your own language to the newly implemented screen reader feature in our NEBOSH Fire Certificate course, we build our courses so that you can learn in the way and time frame that best suits your needs as a business and an individual.

Fiaz Rehman, one of our NEBOSH International Diploma learners, noted how he found Astutis to be very supportive – going above and beyond the call of duty to make his learner experience as easy as possible:

“One thing I have appreciated till this day is Astutis arranged for me to have my exam in my home country, Pakistan. They did not charge me anything extra and arranged for it to be in my hometown. And the examiner told me it was the first NEBOSH exam that had taken place in my hometown and Astutis wanted it to be easier for me and paid extra to have it close to me. That moved me a lot, and all the credit for where I am today goes to Astutis.”

This flexible and customer-first approach was also mentioned by our NEBOSH Diploma 2023 Graduates.


Our Friendly Customer Service Team

Our exceptional customer service and speedy live chat team have led to us achieving Feefo Platinum status for two years running. This highly coveted accolade recognises outstanding excellence in customer service in businesses and is only given to businesses that maintain Gold standard recognition for three consecutive years. To qualify for the Gold standard, companies must achieve a Feefo service rating of 4.5 to 4.9 – which is no small feat.

Our Expert Tutors

Our expert team of tutors is selected based on their extensive and broad range of experiences. We can provide tutors with specific career backgrounds relevant to your chosen sector. They can tailor and discuss the course content to the unique challenges presented in your workplace. All our learners have access to tutors whether they’re studying online or in a classroom.


Our Exceptional Learning and Design Team

Astutis’ group of learning and design specialists work to ensure our professional HSE qualifications continue to offer the best learning experience in the marketplace. The designers of our innovative online learning campus are committed to using the most cutting-edge research to maximise the user's productivity – ensuring that not a single second is wasted on the course.


We Lead by Example

We value diversity and inclusion to the highest order. We choose to lead by example in this regard and embrace each other's unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives. Astutis has led initiatives to ensure our employees feel valued, safe and supported in their respective roles.

These initiatives include:

  • Quarterly Appraisal Meetings: These meetings present the opportunity to discuss career progression, training and development.
  • Employee Forums: Departmental representatives come together to discuss their concerns and areas for the businesses to improve upon, establishing a platform for sharing ideas and putting them into practice.
  • Staff Training: We will receive training to improve our skills and knowledge in areas such as EDI, bullying, cyber security, and GDPR.
  • Monthly Town Halls: A company-wide meeting where employees are updated on key events in the business by Steve Terry, Managing Director at Astutis.
  • Staff Events & Socials: Celebrating team and individual successes.


Armed Forces and Redundancy Funding

Certain learners can access funding for our courses depending on their circumstances. Residents in Wales who have been made redundant or have received a notice of redundancy in the last three months are eligible for ReAct funding, with which they can claim up to £1500 of funding for training.

Armed Forces members can access financial support through ELCAS funding. Astutis is an approved and registered partner of Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS), and we have a unique provider number of 5238. It is worth noting that we are the only provider of IEMA training through ELCAS funding in the UK.


Benefits of Choosing Astutis for Workplace Training

Health, safety and environmental courses benefit employers, employees and wider society as a whole. 


Employer Benefits

Organisations that undertake a thorough health and safety training program gain access to numerous benefits such as bulk purchase discounts, improved safety cultures, increased productivity and international recognition.

  • Bulk purchases of any of our online courses yield various discounts depending on the size of the tender – for further information on this, you can contact our sales team.
  • Improved Safety Cultures help organisations develop self-governance across all areas of the business. Better cultures surrounding safety ensure that every employee feels shared responsibility for safety, further increasing the likelihood of risks being spotted earlier.
  • Increased productivity comes from a reduced number of accidents and that will result in a reduction of absences. This also mitigates delays to work and, therefore, ensures a better customer experience when work is completed on time.
  • International recognition is assured when completing courses from internationally renowned organisations like IOSH, NEBOSH and IEMA. Suppliers, customers, clients and stakeholders will all recognise the value of these qualifications and will legitimise your work as being of an exceptional standard.


Learner Benefits

Individual learners taking an Astutis course stand to benefit from student discounts, increased competency in their roles, salary increases and promotions.

  • Totum Membership is available to all our learners. This membership gives you access to over 600 discounts, deals and offers with big-name brands both online and in-store.
  • Increased competency in their role from training with Astutis, will develop learner confidence and overall job satisfaction knowing they have the support and knowledge to perform at their highest level.
  • Salary Increases are also very common for our learners. From a recent survey of our NEBOSH Diploma learners, we found that 81% of them have received a promotion or secured a pay increase within 12 months of completing their qualification. A further 11% of the surveyed individuals noted they we expecting to progress soon.


Wider Benefits        

More broadly, the societal impact of quality health and safety training cannot be overlooked. Workplace injuries and new cases of work-related ill-health cost Britain £20.7 billion in 2021/22. Serious workplace accidents that require medical attention also strain an already struggling health service.

Additionally, HSE reported that 35.2 million working days were lost in 2022/23 due to workplace injuries. This negatively impacts customers and their plans once projects are completed.


Astutis Customer Case Studies

We have worked with prestigious, big-name brands to deliver courses for their specific needs. Network Rail, Ferrero, Bentley and Amazon are just a few of the organisations we have worked with to develop their health and safety practices.

Rob Canham, NEBOSH Diploma Graduate

“The quality and ease of the material was something that I really picked up on. I'm quite open and honest about my ADHD. So, I sometimes struggle with my focus and hold my attention. I found out that Astutis used innovative methods and really engaged me, and the variety of material in the online course was so helpful in that process.”

Heather Beech, Barbour Director

“Astutis have been incredibly flexible in delivering exactly what we wanted. The feedback from my colleagues has been excellent, and they have really helped to upskill the team not only to pass the IOSH exam but also to learn more specific information to help our clients make the right choices.”

Louis Pienaar, Former British Army Service Member

" For military personnel, there are a lot of training opportunities, and I think a lot of people underestimate the value of training to their careers. I decided three years ago that these training courses provided me with the career trajectory that I wanted. Astutis has given me the opportunity to train, and now I am fully prepared for the next stage of my career."

You can begin your Astutis journey by exploring our library of courses below or by contacting us via phone (+44 (0) 345 241 3685) or email (



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Find out how learners look back on their training with Astutis. Our case studies give our learners, both individual and corporate, a platform to share their Astutis experience. Discover how training with Astutis has helped past learners and delegates make the world a safer place, one course at a time.
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We're always there for our customers. 98% of our learners rated their overall experience as good or outstanding. We will always pride ourselves on our customer service. But don’t take our word for it, here is what our customers have to say
  • "All aspects of the course are well presented and imformative. Found navigation and retentenion of info excellent."

  • "Cost was covered by goverment funding due to my job loss.Money well spent."

  • "Outstanding service and communication from the very first contact to the last. . ."

  • "Comprehensive and full of detail, presented in an engaging way."

  • "Highly recommend Astutis! The platform works very well, and the staff are a pleasure to deal with, extremely attentive and highly supportive!"

  • "Excellent platform and supportive staff."

  • "Excellent communications, friendly staff, user friendly website."

  • "Course was excellent and delivered at a steady pace that made it easy to absorb information. The tutor Andy was very clear and concise and provided thorough preparation for the exam."

  • "The proficiency of the admin team was great, and the ease of access and all communication was great. I will do a course with them again."

  • "The course was comprehensive and included a great variety of subjects."