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Astutis’ Ultimate Guide: Preparing for the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management Online Exam

April 2019

If you're considering taking the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management, you'll probably be wondering what the exams are like. What do I have to do? How hard are they? What are my chances of passing? These are all valid questions that our learners ask before they book their course.

Here, we've answered some of these common questions to make sure you know exactly what to expect from your IEMA Foundation Certificate assessment.

What is the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam like?

Unlike more traditional exams, the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam is done online so you can decide to take it whenever you feel ready. The exam is in a multiple choice format with 30 questions, each with 4 possible answers, one of which is correct.

You’ll have 1-hour to complete the exam, which works out at around 2 minutes per question. Each question is worth 1 mark and you’ll need to correctly answer 21 questions (70%) to pass.

Is the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam hard?

The exam is open book which means that you can refer to books, notes or even the internet to help you. Don’t be fooled by this though – with only an hour to complete the exam you can easily end up wasting a lot of time trying to look up answers. You still need to apply yourself and be familiar with the material to be in with a chance of passing.

You’ll get lots of support and exam tips throughout your course to help you prepare for your exam. You can also see some sample questions so you have an idea of what you'll be asked.

When and where do I take the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam?

The IEMA Foundation Certificate exam is extremely flexible because you can take it wherever you like - at work, at home, in a library - wherever you feel most comfortable. Once you’ve been registered by your course provider, you’ll receive an email from IEMA with details on how to access your exam and a completion deadline.

You’ll be given a 28 day window to complete it starting the 1st of the month after you’ve taken your course and ending on the 28th

When do I get my IEMA Foundation Certificate results?

Straight away! As soon as you’ve completed the exam, you’ll be given your marks and be told whether you’ve passed or failed.

Provided you’ve passed, you’ll receive your IEMA Foundation Certificate in the post within 6-8 weeks of taking your exam.

For more information about the IEMA Foundation Certificate exam click the button below.

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