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Is there funding available for the NEBOSH Diploma?

Is there funding available for the NEBOSH Diploma?

16 January 2020

Are you wondering if there are different funding options for the NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals? You are in the right place!
Taking on a NEBOSH qualification is a big, big decision. Before deciding to take a course, many people will want to know, is there funding available for a NEBOSH qualification?
In this blog, we will look at the different funding options for taking on the NEBOSH Diploma.
If you want to know whether you should want to take the NEBOSH Diploma, check out our: Who is the NEBOSH Diploma for?.
Choosing to study for the NEBOSH Diploma can be a daunting task. The fees can rise relatively high, and knowing all the different options for help with those fees can be helpful! 

Talk to your employer

One of the first ports of call for many people when considering how they will fund their NEBOSH Diploma is their employer. 
Some employers may be willing to meet either some or all of the cost of your qualification. If they can see the benefits that it will bring to their organisation, it helps them too.
NEBOSH Diploma costs can be high, so you will need to clarify what they will gain funding for your qualification. Come to them with a strong business case, referencing specific areas of the course that you will use to improve your performance in your job. 
If you need some extra help drafting up some ideas, check out our list of: Reasons to take the NEBOSH Diploma. It will give you some insight on the benefits of the NEBOSH qualification.

Flexible payment plans

No one likes paying for things, it can be stressful and complicated. But never worry about NEBOSH course fees. 
Some learning providers may offer flexible payment plans for your course to help spread the cost. This will vary from place to place but may involve paying module by module or in several instalments. This can make your NEBOSH course fees much more manageable and avoid you having to pay out a big lump sum in one go. 
In addition to the financial benefits, studying module by modules offers excellent flexibility in learning style. If you completed one module in the classroom and found that you didn't get on with that learning style, you could easily switch to online learning and vice versa.
Discover the different learning methods available to study the NEBOSH Diploma here.

Look out for special offers

You will really want to keep an eye out for special offers for the NEBOSH Diploma. Throughout the year, several substantial promotional offers are released, cutting big chunks off your fees! Remember, keep an eye out. Never forget to always have a conversation with your course provider to see if they have any offers running.

ELCAS in the UK

If you have served in the UK armed forces, we have you covered. You can apply for funding through the Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credits
The amount you will have depends on how long you were in the military, but you can get up to 80% of your course paid for through the Ministry of Defence Enhanced Learning Credits. The learning provider you choose to do your NEBOSH Diploma with must be ELCAS accredited.
If you live outside the UK, you will need to check with your government if there are any sector-specific or regional training funds available.

External Funding

There are limited options available for external funding in the UK for your NEBOSH Diploma. However, a few schemes can, should you meet the entry criteria, help towards your NEBOSH Diploma course cost. ReAct funding in Wales in the UK is an option if you've been made redundant in the past 3 months.  

So as you can see, there are plenty of handy ways to help learners through the course financially. Don't let money stop you from pursuing the career you want. Get ready to put the effort in and reap your rewards!


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