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Who is NEBOSH for?

Who is NEBOSH for?

01 February 2018

NEBOSH qualifications are designed to build the knowledge and skills to save lives, prevent injury and ill-health, and protect our environment for future generations. As accidents and work related ill-health affect all types of workplaces and occupations, they are relevant to a whole range of job roles.

NEBOSH qualifications are available in a number of levels, topics and languages. Learners from 125 countries took a NEBOSH qualification in 2017, emphasising the level of influence NEBOSH has on raising global health, safety and environmental management.

Read on to find out just some of the job roles NEBOSH qualifications can benefit.

Health and Safety or Environmental Professionals

NEBOSH courses are widely seen as the benchmark of a competent health and safety professional, so it’s no surprise that over 92% of HSE job advertisements ask for some form of NEBOSH qualification and/or IOSH membership as an essential requirement (NEBOSH jobs barometer 2017).

For a successful career in health and safety, you’ll need to acquire a lot of skills and technical knowledge. Whilst you may need more specialist knowledge if you’re working in an industry such as construction or oil and gas, having a basic understanding of health and safety issues will help you both in the workplace and when you’re applying for jobs.

NEBOSH certificate-level qualifications offer a broad understanding of key health, safety and environmental management issues. They are ideal for those just starting out in their health and safety career, or those looking to expand on their day-to-day responsibilities.

NEBOSH Diploma-level qualifications are essential for anyone looking to take their career to a more senior level as they offer an in-depth look at health and safety or environmental management at an operational level.

Operational, Facilities, Project Managers

Health and safety affects people in all types of workplaces, so it’s no surprise that it’s now seen as an essential management skill. In fact, around 70% of people who take NEBOSH’s core health and safety certificates are employed in roles that aren’t perceived as having health and safety as their primary function.

The sheer diversity of those who take certificate level qualifications emphasises the importance of health and safety in the modern workplace.


Developing a positive health and safety culture starts at the top; members of the board have a collective and individual responsibility for health and safety. Protecting the health and safety of employees of members of the public who may be affected by business activities is an essential part of risk management.

NEBOSH qualifications provide the skills to develop and integrate health and safety management systems into wide business operations. Often, Directors who take a valued interest in health and safety reap the rewards of a positive safety culture and more productive workforce.


Award level qualifications support businesses by educating workers at all levels on health and safety best practice, with the aim of improving health and safety or environmental culture within organisations. Available in numerous languages, they offer a broad introduction to occupational health and safety or environmental hazards and controls.

Award qualifications also provide a progression route to a range of NEBOSH certificates for those who are interested in developing their skills and pursuing a career in health and safety.

Working Outside the UK

If you work outside the UK find out more about the International NEBOSH Courses.

Take a look at our post 'which NEBOSH course is right for you?' for more information on NEBOSH qualifications.

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