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NEBOSH Diploma

NEBOSH National Diploma Course

Astutis is a NEBOSH accredited centre number 807 The leading qualification in health and safety 

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety is for aspiring health and safety professionals and is increasingly requested by employers. It is the ideal course if you want a successful long-term career in health and safety.

How to take this course

Take your NEBOSH Diploma Course Online / with Distance Learning or in class - view dates.

NEBOSH Diploma Course Key Facts
Learning Methods Online Course / Distance Learning or in Class - view dates
Units 4 units: A, B, C, DNI
Assessments 3 half day exams plus an 8,000 word work-based assignment

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Why take the NEBOSH Diploma?

Our 5 NEBOSH Diploma award winners in 2015, 2016, 2018 & 2019 

Our record of success: 5 Astutis learners have won the NEBOSH Diploma awards since 2015 for achieving the highest marks in Units from 2015 to 2019. Our 2018/19 winners were online learner Karen Aitchison, top performer for Unit C in 2018/19 & distance learner, Hannah Leach for Unit B. 

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Course information

The NEBOSH Diploma builds on the content covered in the NEBOSH General Certificate. It is strongly recommended that you have completed this before starting the NEBOSH Diploma.

The NEBOSH Diploma is split into 4 units A, B, C, & DNI which cover the following:

  • Unit A: Managing health and safety
  • Unit B: Hazardous agents in the workplace
  • Unit C: Workplace and work equipment safety
  • Unit DNI: Application of health and safety theory and practice

Read the full NEBOSH Diploma syllabus.

12 NEBOSH Diploma Revision & DNI Webinars

As part of your NEBOSH Diploma course, our webinars complement your revision and are an ideal way to help you prepare for your exams. Re-cap on the more challenging topics covered in Units A to DNI and review exam questions in a live webinar classroom experience led by our experienced tutors who are also NEBOSH Diploma Examiners. Click to learn more about Astutis' 12 revision/DNI webinars.

How is the NEBOSH Diploma assessed?

There are 3 half day exams for Units A to C; Unit DNI is assessed with an 8,000 word work-based assignment. Click here to book your NEBOSH Diploma exams.

Why take the NEBOSH Diploma?

This widely recognised qualification enables you to progress your career to the highest level as a practitioner and expert. You will have the academic credentials to be a competent professional.

You will become invaluable to employers by being able to introduce significant cost efficiencies through effective health & safety management and promoting a safer working environment.

NEBOSH alumni benefits

As a NEBOSH learner you have your own login to a portal containing unique health & safety information, events for tailored Continuing Professional Development, networking opportunities
a biannual journal exploring recent health and safety research.

Is the NEBOSH Diploma for me?

The NEBOSH Diploma is for aspiring health and safety professionals who want to develop their career further in health and safety.

It is strongly recommended that you have completed the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety before starting the NEBOSH Diploma.

Further qualification recognition

Successful completion of the National Diploma means you can apply for graduate membership of IOSH (Grad IOSH) and take the next step towards chartered membership of IOSH (CMIOSH).

You can also apply for membership of the International Institute of Risk Management and use MIIRSM after your name.

Course learning methods

With Astutis you can take the NEBOSH Diploma in different ways:

With these options you can pick the learning method to suit your time and budget.

Why take the NEBOSH Diploma with Astutis?

The many benefits of taking your NEBOSH Diploma with Astutis include:

  • Expert tutor support from CMIOSH trainers including NEBOSH Diploma examiners
  • Effective and interactive learning with experience of applying it to workplace scenarios
  • Confidence that you are well prepared for all exams & with 12 revision/DNI webinars and exam question practice
  • Reassurance with continued support on all aspects of your learning
  • Comprehensive online/offline resource centre
  • Sharing your learning with online forums with tutors and learners

How to start your NEBOSH Diploma course

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"Thank you Astutis, I think you've given me the best opportunity to pass."

Corporate Health & Safety Manager at Torfaen County Borough Council
NEBOSH Diploma at Cardiff


Do I have to start with Unit A of the NEBOSH National Diploma?

No. As the NEBOSH National Diploma course is modular, delegates are able to study individual units as they please. However, Astutis would recommend starting with Unit A as delegates will find they are able to build on knowledge gained with each Unit. If you have already partially completed the course and need certain units, click here.

Are there any entry requirements to taking the NEBOSH National Diploma?

Although it is not required, it is strongly recommended that you take the National General Certificate before the National Diploma to improve your chances of passing.

What is my route to Chartered Membership of IOSH (CMIOSH) status through the NEBOSH National Diploma?

The NEBOSH National Diploma qualification meets the academic requirements to apply for Graduate Membership (GradIOSH) of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). It is the first step to becoming a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner as a chartered Member of IOSH (CMIOSH). The next step is completing a Skills Development Portfolio. Once you have passed all the Units you will also need to maintain your continuing professional development (CPD). You will be asked to attend a Peer Review Interview. For more information, click here.

How long does it take to complete the NEBOSH National Diploma qualification?

The length of time taken to complete the NEBOSH National Diploma course varies according to mode of study. However, the classroom-based course is run over 6 weeks each unit taking 2 weeks of tuition. Candidates have a period of 5 years from enrolment to completing their NEBOSH National Diploma exams. View class course dates.

How does the NEBOSH National Diploma compare to a university degree?

The NEBOSH National Diploma qualification has been accredited as a level 6 qualification by Ofqual. This is equivalent to a university honours degree foundation ­and is a good base from which to progress to a Masters Degree in Health and Safety.

How many exams must I take for the NEBOSH National Diploma?

There are 3 half day exams required of the NEBOSH National Diploma ­ each covering a unit of the course. In addition to this, candidates must complete an 8,000 word work-based assignment. For more information on NEBOSH Diploma examinations, click here.

What support do the NEBOSH National Diploma tutors provide?

All Astutis tutors are experienced health and safety professionals and leaders within their field. With vast industry knowledge gained from experience, our tutors are also educationalists who hold teaching qualifications, masters degrees or doctorates. Additionally, as NEBOSH examiners they are ideally placed to guide and coach delegates to ensure success. For those studying online, with our award-winning LMS, delegates are able to further interact outside of the classroom by way of our tutor-led discussion forum and notice boards. Tutors are able to pose questions and guide conversation to further develop thinking around particular topics. Online learners will gain free access to revision webinars as part of their course and all Astutis delegates will be assigned a tutor on enrolment who will be on hand to answer questions on a one-to-one basis via telephone or email.

Do you have any support material for the NEBOSH National Diploma?

Astutis runs a series of online revision sessions to support delegates on one of our NEBOSH National Diploma courses. The online sessions have been designed to reinforce learning and build on the material covered units A, B and C of the National Diploma course. These revision sessions take place in the run up to the National Diploma examinations and are hosted by our experienced tutors and examiners.

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