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Why keep up to date with health & safety?

Keeping your employees up to date with the latest health and safety legislation and best practices not only has benefits to your business, but is crucial to the well-being of your staff.  Educating staff on how to work and manage safely will reduce the likelihood of injury at work and work related sickness all of which costs businesses money. 

In fact, work related sickness and injury cost UK businesses £15 billion across 2016/17 which is reason enough to keep your workplace up to date!

In our blogs 3 Reasons Your Staff Should Take The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course and 5 Company Benefits For Training Staff With IOSH Managing Safely, we discuss the importance in further detail of keeping line managers knowledge and skills updated with the IOSH certified Refresher health and safety training:

  • Is evidence to all stakeholders of continually improving safety and good practice
  • Helps win new business, tenders and contracts
  • Improves productivity due to less accidents, days lost to illness and disruption in the workplace
  • Increases managers' confidence and motivation to drive a safety culture
  • Enhances companies' security and reputation and improves profitability


What is the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher?

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is a short course for anyone who has already successfully completed the full 3-day IOSH Managing Safely course and needs to update their safety responsibilities. It offers managers and supervisors the chance to review and refresh their knowledge and practical skills of health and safety previously covered in IOSH Managing Safely.  

This IOSH certified refresher course has 6 modules and is based on the plan-do-check-act management model. It reviews the key areas of the full IOSH Managing Safely course and also covers the importance of leadership.  It lasts 1 day or 6 hours approximately. Online or elearning is the most popular method to take this course.

The assessment is a 30 minute short answer/multiple choice test.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is a convenient and practical course for companies to keep their line managers updated with their health and safety responsibilities. Organisations can operate more effectively with a safety trained management team that can embed a positive safety culture and reduce accidents and disruption to the workplace.

Find out more about updating individuals and/or your line managers with IOSH Managing Safely Refresher and take a look at the video below.



Why take the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher?

The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is a flexible course for companies to keep their management team up-to-date and motivated to uphold their safety responsibilities. Managers and supervisors who have already done the full IOSH Managing Safely course and complete this IOSH Refresher course will be 100% confident to know exactly how to work safely and effectively.

Companies that can demonstrate an IOSH certified management team kept up-to-date with IOSH refresher training will reassure customers, the supply chain and all the stakeholders, in fact. Investment in training is clear evidence of a company's continuing commitment to good safety practice and is very good for business.

Learn more about why your staff should take IOSH Managing Safely Refresher training.

When To Take The IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

Once anyone with line management responsibilites have passed the full IOSH Managing Safely course, IOSH recommends that an individual should take the Refresher course every 3 years.  This gives employers the confidence in their workforce's health and safety knowledge as it is updated every three years.

It is important to note though, that the IOSH Managing Safely course itself does not expire, and it is not a legal requirement to take the refresher course. It is simply recommended by health and safety governing bodies. 

Read more on the IOSH Managing Safely course here!

How to take the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher?

This short 6-hour course is studied online much more than as a classroom-based course. Online or elearning offers much more flexibility and can be fitted into an individual's work commitments and routine.

Companies that have a number of managers who need to update their IOSH Managing Safely knowledge, can choose online or classroom learning. Find a good course provider that can offer the best learning method for the workforce. When training employees online, get a trial of the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course from the provider to see how interactive the learning is. 

Classroom training for groups of company staff is a more traditional learning method. The tutor will come to your preferred site and train people. Find out if the course provider offers any tailoring of the training such as using your documentation, procedures etc. to make it more relevant to your employees.

Find out more on how to take IOSH Managing Safely Refresher.

How much does the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course cost?

As the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is a relatively short course it also requires less of a monetary investment than many other health and safety courses. The price will vary dependent on the method of learning and also the course provider. So, it's worth doing your research and finding out what you get for your money.

The online learning option for the course is often cheaper and less variable so you can expect to pay around £110 - £195 + VAT per person depending on how many members of staff will be taking the course.

Very few providers actually offer a classroom based course because the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher is so short. There are also more factors to consider than the online course that will influence the price: these include where you take the course and which provider you choose. 1 day classroom courses can range from around £150 - £200 + VAT per person but it is worth considering an online option.

There are options available for training multiple members of staff at your place of work. This largely depends on how many staff you would like to put through the qualification.

Read more here on how much the IOSH Managing Safely Refresher Course costs.

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