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IEMA Courses in Environmental Management

Do you need to develop your environmental skills?

IEMA Certified training logo - Astutis provide Certified IEMA coursesIf you want to broaden your skill-set and expand your career opportunities, we offer widely accredited IEMA qualifications. Employees with the knowledge and skills to manage environmental issues can drive productivity and competitiveness and deliver sustainability in their organisations at all levels, using IEMA standards as their foundation. 

We also offer short environmental courses covering a range of topic areas. 

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IEMA courses have been designed to help organisations improve environmental performance and support sustainability skills development across all organisations. As global pressures for sustainability in business increase, the number of people taking IEMA courses is on the rise. We offer the following IEMA training courses dependent on your responsibilities:

In-company environmental and IEMA training

If you have five or more staff members who need training, our tutor can come to you to deliver non- accredited environmental courses such as Environmental Awareness in addition to the IEMA accredited qualifications.

In-company courses are a cost-effective option and can be made more relevant to your staff by incorporating your organisational specifics. Discuss the your environmental training needs with our qualified staff.

If you need your team to develop their environmental knowledge and skills in order to improve environmental standards, enquire about our IEMA courses or other environmental training today.

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IEMA Foundation Certificate course

Get a basic insight into environmental topics in 5 days 
Discover the IEMA Foundation Certificate 

IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management

Develop environmental & sustainability knowledge
Learn about this new IEMA Certificate course for 2018

Responsibility for environmental management was in ⅔ of health & safety job adverts.

NEBOSH Jobs Barometer 2015 Research


What is IEMA?

The Institute of Environmental Management (IEMA) is the world's largest environmental professional body with over 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals. It supports individuals and organisations to set, recognise and achieve global sustainability standards and practice.

IEMA Training and IEMA Membership ­

If your goal is to become an environmental professional, IEMA qualifications and membership of IEMA will help you get there. There are a range of membership levels dependent on your level of knowledge, industry experience and qualifications. IEMA membership provides a wide range of benefits available for people with a level of responsibility for environmental issues.