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IOSH Course Entry Requirements

IOSH Course Entry Requirements

18 January 2019

The great thing about IOSH courses is that they are designed to give everybody the chance to be trained in health and safety issues regardless of their role. We know health and safety affects everybody so we all have a responsibility to work safely. There are no entry requirements for any of the IOSH Courses and they are available to anybody who wishes to take this step to equip them with the essential health and safety knowledge for their role.

Good Working Knowledge of English

 In reality, the only basic requirement for taking an IOSH Health and Safety Course is a good working level of English; you're not expected to be a proficient writer or a grammar whiz but you need to be confident to understand and write English. It is important that you or staff members are able to fully use the course materials and apply your new knowledge to your workplace.

IOSH courses are taken by people based all over the world as they offer the practical information and tools in plain English for people to develop a positive safety culture. 

Best IOSH Course For You or Your Team

It's true that IOSH courses, don’t have entry requirements but some courses are aimed specifically at certain professional levels, for example managers - IOSH Managing Safely or directors and CEO's - IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors. Some IOSH courses target sectors for example IOSH Managing Safely in Aviation or Construction. Therefore, if you or your staff do not fall into these levels or sectors those courses will not be suitable as they will be covering material that is irrelevant to specific job roles. Therefore, it is important to find the right IOSH course to fit the role.

There are IOSH courses designed for workers at every level, whether you don't have any specific health and safety responsibility, or manage a team or you are head of HSE within a company. This means that careful selection of your course is necessary to be sure, that it is going to be the most suitable course for you.

Right Price for the IOSH Course

The price of the IOSH course is probably one of the key factors to find out for you or your team whether it is self-funded or the company is paying. You will need to decide before embarking on your course or organising staff training, the best solution to meet your budget. If you are hoping to be corporately funded then you will need to approach your manager with the benefits of taking the IOSH course for the company

Hopefully these pointers will help you and/or your team be better placed to decide on getting started with your chosen IOSH Certificate.

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