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Introducing the Astutis Risk Assessment In-Practice Online Course

July 2023

Astutis are delighted to announce the incorporation of the Astutis Risk Assessment In Practice into our blossoming online course library. 

From 13 July 2023, the course will be available to purchase in the online format. 

The online format allows for enhanced learner control. Learners can study the course where and whenever they wish. Learners will also be met with a learner-centric course interface, integrating engaging and interactive course elements to maximise learner retention. 

What is the Astutis Risk Assessment In-Practice course?

The Astutis Risk Assessment In-Practice course is a one-day course engineered to help identify common causes of occupational accidents and ill health. Learners who pass the course can recognise different types of workplace hazards and manage the associated risks. 

The course is designed to support those responsible for completing and reviewing risk assessments in their workplace. It is also suitable for those charged with supervising others that conduct risk assessments. 

Learners who pass the course will be able to;

  • Identify common causes of occupational accidents and ill health.
  • Recognise different types of workplace hazards and manage the associated risks.
  • Conduct a legally compliant risk assessment per the HSE guidance
  • Complete a generic workplace risk assessment under classroom guidance. 
  • Undertake risk assessments within their workplace.

Why Study Online?

Innovations made in digital training have accelerated the quality of online training offerings. Learners can now study where and whenever they wish, meaning they possess more control over their studies than ever before. A user-friendly interface and engaging learning materials lead learners on a proactive training experience that promotes information retention and maximise learner success. Online training also poses as a seamless option for organisations looking to enrol their staff on training with minimal disruptions. 

Astutis Online training courses also offer;

  1. Bite-Sized Modules: Information overload can affect anyone. It is more prevalent when learners are confronted with long passages of text or long-winded modules without any rest bite for learners. Our research dictates breaking down the training into bite-sized modules or lessons. This approach helps learners absorb information more effectively and allows them to progress at their own pace. Shorter modules are also more convenient for learners with limited time availability or more unique information retention patterns. 
  2. Clear Learning Objectives: First impressions are vitally important. The same can be said about learners' motivation. At Astutis, we clearly communicate the learning objectives at the beginning of each module. We believe this helps learners understand what they will achieve by the end of the training and stay focused on the key takeaways. This gives learners added motivation, knowing the learning outcomes are just around the corner and are highly attainable. 
  3. Pro-active Tasks: Ensuring learners remain engaged with the learning materials is vital to maximising their retention. Therefore, we incorporate interactive activities throughout the training to reinforce learning understanding. We utilise quizzes, case studies and interactive scenarios to assess learner knowledge and provide immediate feedback.
  4. Mobile Compatibility: When we say learners have complete control over their training, we mean it. All of our online training is mobile-friendly and compatible across various devices. This allows learners to access the training anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones or tablets. We want our learners to have the comfort and convenience to maximise the success of their training.
  5. Real-World Applications: Effective online training emphasises real-world applications of health and safety principles. It provides practical examples, case studies, and scenarios that reflect the participants' work environment. This helps learners connect theory to practice and reinforces the relevance of the training.
  6. Continuous Learning Opportunities: Thanks to the ever-evolving (and ever-improving) online platform, learning opportunities go beyond the initial training. Speaking for Astutis, our online training includes webinars and newsletters that provide updates on new regulations, best practices, or emerging trends in health and safety. Continuous learning ensures learners stay engaged and up-to-date with industry developments.
  7. Track Progress and Provide Certifications: Organisations who enrol their staff on online training deserve maximum oversight over their progress. Our online training includes a tracking system to monitor learners' progress, with analysis offering guidance, should it be required. We provide certificates of completion or achievement to recognise their efforts and provide tangible proof of their training accomplishments, digitally or physically (or both), depending on the learner's desire. 
  8. Feedback and Improvement: The beauty of the online platform ensures we can constantly improve the online training experience for the learner's benefit. We regularly seek learner/organisational feedback to improve our online training offering. We conduct surveys and consistently collect feedback on specific modules, content effectiveness, and overall user experience. We then utilise the feedback to refine and enhance the training for future learners.

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