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Astutis Learners Awarded Special NEBOSH Recognition

At the NEBOSH Graduation 2023, two Astutis learners showed exemplary determination and effort to grab special awards from NEBOSH!

October 2023

A graduation is always a time for celebration, and this year's NEBOSH Graduation in Coventry was no different! 

Warrick's Art Centre hosted the festivities on Monday, 11 September, and we could not be happier to promote and highlight the incredible achievements of the wider Astutis family: our fantastic learners!

The event saw thousands of learners and their families descend into the auditorium to receive their certificates. Afterwards, learners accompanied by their loved ones had the opportunity to visit the Celebratory Drinks Reception and socialise with their fellow graduates. 

Like with years past, Astutis are proud to share the moment with our learners. And much like in the past, we were delighted to find out two of our prized learners won NEBOSH Awards. 

We are delighted to share that Sam McCloskey and Jayne Morgan both won awards, demonstrating incredible determination and application to complete their studies to the best of their abilities. 

The Awards

Sam McCloskey - Best Candidate for National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals Unit 3.

LEFT TO RIGHT: NEBOSH Award-winner and Astutis Learner Sam McCloskey and Astutis' Head of Marketing Ruth Williams.

How does it feel to be here today?

"It was a pleasant surprise. First of all passing [the course] was a massive bonus. The extra email to say I have received the award was fantastic and it warrants the hardwork that was put in"

 "It's a long time coming. About a year of hard study and without the support of my wife, I wouldn't be here". 

How did you find the course?

"The course was hard, difficult at times but very informative. There was alot to take in, but the way the information was delivered made it alot easier. 

"Don't give up, use as much information from as many sources as possible and make sure you apply yourself! It's alot of work but don't be too hard on yourself because it is alot of information to take on".

Sam credits the NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals as giving him the correct mindset on "how to approach the world of health and safety, especially after COVID". 

Why did you initially study the course?

"I've always been in logistics and transport, two areas heavily connected with health and safety. [The NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma] provided the documentation, the certification to apply the understanding and knowledge to help make my job safer and more comfortable for those around me. The qualification (and the award especially) help give my CV the extra tick so to speak, if I ever find myself looking for alternative employment".

"The achievement is great. A huge asset for the career. From a networking point of view, the NEBOSH Level 6 Diploma helps to bring everything together. Having the course under my belt (and the award) will help me get to management level".

What advice do you have for anyone who wants to replicate your achievement?

"Don't take [the course] for granted. You need to take time to study, but it is well worth it in the end".

Why Astutis?

"I was looking for the course during the pandemic, I really liked Astutis when I studied the NEBOSH General Certificate with them. Great support, very methodical. So I thought why change something that isn't broken? So I returned to study with Astutis!"

Jayne Morgan - Best Candidate for National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals Unit 1 & Best Candidate for National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals Overall.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Astutis Technical Director, Brenig Moore. NEBOSH Award-winner and Astutis learner Jayne Morgan. Astutis' Head of Marketing, Ruth Williams. 

How does it feel to be here today?

"It's exciting to see how many people are out there in the profession and studying to make their workplaces safer. I feel abit of relief now that I've finished my studies".

How did you find the course?

"The course was challenging. But I really benefitted and enjoyed my learning method, which was virtually. I built really good relationships with other students and my tutor. I was able to see a few learners who were on my virtual course, it was great to see them in real life!"

"The course was a lot more interactive than I had imagined. We were able to learn quickly and then begin applying [the knowledge] in our workplaces, it wasn't just about learning about laws and regulations, there was guidance on practical application which has really helped me back at work". 

"We learnt alot of hazards and occupational health issues that aren't obvious in the workplace, so when you apply that to your workplace it's great. Sometimes it's the things that you can't see that bring the most danger". 

Why did you study the course?

"I had done and really enjoyed the NEBOSH General Certificate and I really wanted to go abit further, to take it to the next level. Luckily, my organisation were eager to have a competent person in the workplace - so they were very supportive".

"I think if you are a health and safety professional, looking to enter the industry or the environmental industry, the course is pivotal. Your understanding is developed so much during the course. It is all about applying it to the workplace, this course delivers that". 

What advice do you have for those currently studying the course?

"I just really enjoyed it. I really embraced the assessment scenarios. I would say to embrace the course materials and to understand the knowledge can be applied anywhere. But its very important to remember that health and safety relates to everything, not just to the workplace. Try to enjoy it - I didn't always feel like I studying for something, I tried to enjoy it beyond that and if you can get into that mindset of not slogging through something, I believe the results will be better!"

How does it feel to have won your award?

"I don't really think it's hit me yet (laughs).... Obviously I am really proud, grateful I had alot of support from Astutis and my colleagues on the course. But when I saw everyone go up and recieve their award, it dawned on me that I also have one, which was very nice to realise!".

How will you utilise the knowledge gained from the course to further your career?

"The course has given me a lot of new avenues to look down, in terms of where my workplace is now and where we can get to. It's also opened my eyes to accreditations like ISO. There is also lots of information in the course that helps you help others and be a person who can lead and advise. So I am looking to working with my organisation and my co-workers to encourage who will listen to see things from a different perspective

Why Astutis?

"I did alot of looking around when I initially knew I was going to study the course. The virtual training offered by Astutis immediately grabbed my attention. Even though the training was on a screen, it really didn't feel like that. It wasn't all about PowerPoints and it was incredibly interactive. The learning style really helped me fit the course around my fulltime job and lifestyle, so I picked Astutis!"

Astutis would like to say a huge thank you to Sam and Jayne for being exemplary learners and showcasing what is possible. 

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  • "Excellent course, packed with information and engaging content. I recommend to anyone considering their IEMA qualification!"