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Introducing the IOSH Approved Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

February 2023

Astutis are delighted to announce that from 21 February 2023, we will launch the IOSH Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety course. 

The course comprises six fascinating modules that take approximately six to eight hours to complete, concluding with an end-of-course 45-minute multiple-choice test. A score of at least 9  will produce a pass.

The IOSH Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety gifts learners an advanced understanding of behavioural science principles and performance relating to safety in the workplace. 

The course is available in the online learning format, providing learners with maximum control and flexibility in their training. 

What's covered in the course?

The course is engineered using behavioural science techniques designed to instil an effective, more broad, managerial perspective that incorporates staff welfare, well-being, organisational safety and risk management. The modules are as follows; 

Module 1: Safety Leadership

This module investigates the impact of leadership and culture and how to incorporate your management style. 

Module 2: Avoiding Failure or Creating Excellence 

This module tests the idea that conventional health and safety is everything it takes to establish a safe workplace. 

Module 3: Key Drivers of Behaviour

By understanding why we do things, we can understand how and why we do them. This module challenges the relationship between our thoughts, feelings, actions and performance to try to comprehend human behaviour. 

Module 4: Behavioural Science relating to safety performance 

The three critical steps - Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery - are introduced. These steps help to understand the positive influence you can have on people in your organisation. 

Module 5: ABC Analysis

Understanding there are multiple points of view or different perspectives is the first step to having an open mind. In this module, learners are encouraged to analyse the core principles by creating improved behaviours. 

Module 6: Goal Setting

How do we set the right goals for the people in our organisation? How do we measure success? Both questions can have complex answers, but this module answers them both using incorporated psychology.

The course promises to utilise decades of expert understanding in behavioural science - infused with practical and theorised knowledge of health and safety - to deliver an essential toolkit for managerial staff for businesses across the globe. 

To learn more about the course and how it can benefit your today, click the button below to reach the course page.

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