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How Your Business Can Get Involved in World Water Day 2023!

Here’s how you can display your sustainability and eco credentials and celebrate World Water Day on the 22nd March!

March 2023

Your Average Morning

Pause for a moment, and consider your average morning. Once you’ve prised yourself from the bed, you probably make yourself some tea, prepare breakfast, (if you’re really keen, you’ll wash up afterwards), then get through the bathroom and start your day. 

There are a lot of considerations you might have throughout this routine, as you start to plan your day- however how much thought is given to the water you’ve just used? Clean water is a fundamental part of our daily lives here in the UK, yet around the world it continues to be a precious and rare commodity. 

That’s why in September 2015 the United Nations General Assembly created Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6), to ensure availability and sustainable management of water for all.

Sustainable Development Goal 6 & World Water Day

SDG 6 sets out targets to be achieved by 2030. The keys objectives are:

  • To ensure that everyone has access to safe water, that is free of contaminants
  • To ensure that everyone has access to adequate sanitation and hygiene facilities, for example toilets, hand washing facilities or menstrual hygiene management.
  • Improve water resource quality, by reducing pollution and improving the health of the ecosystems that provide water.
  • Increase water use efficiency by means of reducing water waste and promoting water saving technologies- particularly within agriculture
  • Promote integrated water management through coordinated water use across multiple sectors such as agriculture, industry, and urban areas. 

SDG 6 isn’t just a short-term solution. Like many other ecological initiatives, it aims to ensure that both our present and future generations have access to safe and clean water.

To make positive change happen, we all need to take action. That’s where World Water Day slots into place. World Water Day is our global opportunity to stand up and shout about the importance of fresh water, and promote ways that we can help achieve the SDG6 objectives.

5 Ways To Get Involved

The theme for World Water Day 2023 is “Water and Climate Change”, spotlighting the impact of climate change on our global water resources- as well as the crucial requirement to adapt and plan for these changes. 

There’s a lot that businesses can do to raise awareness of this World Water Day theme. Here are our top 5 suggestions:

 1. Show Your Support

If you head to the World Water Day website you can create a handy ‘post it note’ image to place over your company logo, reminding you of the SDG6 aim, to ensure clean water and sanitation for all. Post this to your website, on LinkedIn, etc to show your support. 

There’s also a comprehensive “Activation Kit” that you can download for free, full of promotional resources such as fact sheets and posters to help raise awareness of World Water Day throughout your business. 

Finally, there’s a downloadable image that you can put on anything you like, for example clothing or stationary- to help spread the word wherever you go.

 2. Implement Sustainable Water Management

Long term, your business can show support for World Water Day and the aims of SDG6 by  reducing its water footprint through adopting water-saving technology, (such as low-flow outlet fixtures i.e. taps), recycling water, and monitoring your water usage.

 3. Educate Others

Celebrate World Water Day by educating your employees and customers about the importance of saving water, and how to reduce water usage. 


 4. Collaboration Stations

Businesses can collaborate with various stakeholders for example NGOs, Government agencies and local communities to help develop solutions to challenges relating to water.


 5. Investment Time

Actions speak loudly, but so does money. Why not invest in initiatives such as watershed restoration, rainwater harvesting or waste water treatment? Doing this will help further and support the work that is required to achieve the SDG6 aims.


The Why of Water


Taking steps towards sustainable water management is not only beneficial for the environment- but it’s great for your business too. Using less water, and finding ways to re-use it, will naturally reduce your water bills; doing so may also optimise and increase your operational efficiency. Plus, doing work that contributes toward your Environmental and Social Governance will win you favour and boost your reputation within industry and the public too.


One Day, An Entire Future!

World Water Day is, as the name suggests- a single day dedicated to raising awareness of global water issues. However, the actions we can take can take a long time to implement, but will make a big difference- and there’s only one way to achieve these goals: that’s to make a start today. 

As a leading Health, Safety and Environmental Training Provider, Astutis is perfectly equipped to help you find ways to reduce your water footprint and achieve your sustainable development goals- just give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you started with relevant and recognised Environmental Training.  

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