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Improve Your Organisation This World Mental Health Day

October 2023

This year's Mental Health Day theme is 'Mental Health is a universal human right'.

This theme highlighted the importance of awareness surrounding mental health and its misconceptions. 

In our recent discussion with mental health expert Dr Tim Marsh, we were reminded of several vital things. 

Firstly, that everyone has mental health. 

There is, seemingly, a misconception surrounding mental health that only suffering people have it. This is not the case. 

Everyone has mental health, but the status of it fluctuates from person to person. You could be having a good day and have a good state of mental health; you could be the complete opposite, having a bad day and suffering from poor mental health. 

The point here is everyone has it. No one is exempt from discussions surrounding mental health. 

The problem is that everyone focuses entirely on the negative side of mental health. Maybe, for good, to highlight strategies to improve adverse mental health for the better. 

"For every person that dies in an industrial accident, 32 working-age people will kill themselves." 

"Millions in the UK are having really bad days.... and if you're having a bad day, you are probably low on situational awareness whilst being highly distracted. This is the primary cause of accidents in the workplace."

For Tim Marsh, harnessing the power of positive mental health is critical to improving workplace safety. 

"Everything starts from someone having a bad day", begins Tim. 

"Then you have that snowball effect, where interactions, actions and intentions begin to become fatalistic, that in fact, whatever you do, nothing bad (or too bad) will happen". 

Tim has been touring the world for years, offering workforces pivotal understandings on approaching their own mental wellbeing. He has educated individuals and workplaces alike on the systemic culture required to invite a progressive improvement in workplace wellbeing. 

Culture is the underappreciated aspect in all of this, according to Tim.

"How can you expect someone who may be carrying their worries or concerns into work to improve their wellbeing if their workplace doesn't have the right culture in place?" says Tim. 

"Workplaces need to be more proactive. They need to help their staff have the right mindset, but not by shutting off their feelings from before they entered work, but by compassionately confronting them". 

"It's about time organisations invest in their staff's mental health. The organisational benefits for staff with good mental wellbeing are off the charts. Organisations would have dramatically reduced sick days, enhanced quality and production and a more intertwined, connected workforce". 

It's the need to promote awareness around organisational culture that inspired Tim to play a pivotal role in creating the new Astutis Mental Health and Workplace Safety course. 

What is the Astutis Mental Health and Workplace Safety Course?

The Astutis Mental Health and Workplace Safety course is short half day training programme that infuses the decades of professional insight from Dr Tim Marsh. 

As a visiting Professor at Plymouth University and a distinguished keynote speaker worldwide, Professor Marsh's influence resonates across continents. His work with prestigious organisations, including the European Space Agency, the BBC and the National Theatre, exemplifies his dedication to fostering wellbeing and safety.

We are delighted Tim has incorporated his insight and understanding into the course, which is highlighted through-out with videos from Tim aiding learners on their journey. 

How will the course help my organisation?

The Astutis Mental Health and Workplace Safety course promises to offer organisations a blueprint for a better culture. Primarily, the course will offer;

  • Increased presenteeism, fewer sick days and higher levels of production as a result.
  • Enhanced workforce morale, which leads to a more connected and vibrant staff base.
  • Lower chances of workplace incidents and accidents.
  • Clear, transparent working philosophies that can be incorporated at all levels of an organisation.

Understand more about the ground-breaking Astutis Mental Health and Workplace Safety course by clicking the button below and visiting the course page.

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