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New Year's Resolution: Becoming Health & Safety Accredited

December 2021

The world has been devastated. It has been put on hold to minimise the impact of the continued spread of COVID-19. 

As global leaders vow to make their New Year's Resolution in minimising the spread of COVID-19, it has cometh the time for us as individuals to look at ourselves and determine what we want out of ourselves in the new year. 

Becoming Health & Safety Accredited

The pandemic has put a microscope on all of our standards concerning health and safety. Businesses will only look to enhance their reputation by continually improving their practices. There is no doubt this will translate into stricter criteria in the recruitment and assessment processes. 

Employment opportunities will be met with assurances of certain levels of health and safety accreditation. Moving forward, we should presume that companies will strive to employ those who can lead others in exquisite health and safety practices. Simply put, the COVID-19 pandemic has not enforced but allowed businesses to scrutinise their standards and pursue an overhaul in health and safety. 

This is a global phenomenon

The scrutiny of the COVID-19 pandemic is not just exclusive to the UK. This is a global trend. The tragic beauty of the situation is that the world is using the trauma and healing process of the pandemic to better the world once COVID-19 is finally behind us. 

This is vitally more important in those countries where awareness and health and safety regulations are more relaxed. In these countries, the emphasis on health and safety is widely considered on the individual, making it all the more important to invest in oneself. 

Workplace injuries in some countries require the individual to engage in a potentially lengthy and precarious legal endeavour to claim compensation. In these situations, having a NEBOSH International Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals or the NEBOSH International General Certificate would only help your case. It provides hard evidence that you are accredited and widely qualified in health and safety practices, limiting your potential culpability and establishing substantial mitigation. 

Be pro-active, not reactive

Even if there may be a global incentive to enhance health and safety standards, it takes individuals to lead and set those standards for improvement to occur. 

Qualifications such as the NEBOSH Diploma provides specialised training into the traits required for successful management and leadership. It provides a concentrated insight into the essential skills needed to oversee a successful health and safety system. 

Our podcast, The Health and Safety Digest, has several episodes dedicated to analysing the NEBOSH Diploma. Have a listen and find out if you are ready to lead. 

Before considering the NEBOSH Diploma, health and safety professionals learn from the NEBOSH General Certificate. This qualification provides a solid footing into the core workplace health and safety principles that eventually become solidified and reinforced with the NEBOSH Diploma. If you want to enter the world of health and safety first, we recommend starting with the NEBOSH General Certificate. 

If you are considering becoming Health & Safety accredited for 2022, why not gift the opportunity to a friend? Our Refer A Friend scheme allows you and friends to make the world safer and be eligible to make up to £100 in Amazon vouchers! 


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