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National Clean Air Day: Discover How To Reduce Your Air Pollution Output

June 2022

Clean Air Day is the most extensive UK air pollution campaign. It aims to shift society's focus toward air pollution. As a business, we have investigated the trend of environmentally friendly practices. We have found that scientific and academic reports all point toward humanity being on the brink of environmental collapse. 

Newly acquired strategies such as Net Zero carbon emissions have allowed for more options in our fight against climate change. However, the fight against climate change is being fought at every level. Not everyone has the capabilities to calculate their footprint and take measures to reduce it. Therefore spreading awareness of how everyone can contribute is essential if we continue the fight against climate change. One such contribution is the reduction of air pollution.

This blog will analyse the impact of air pollution and what we can all do to reduce it. It will investigate how we can individually and collectively help regenerate the planet's health and, more specifically, limit our air pollution output. 

The impact of air pollution

Based on a plethora of reports, the results suggest we are slowly killing our planet and our health with the current output of air pollution we exhibit. The dramatic rise of industrialisation has contributed to anthropogenic (human-made) air pollution, resulting in approximately nine million deaths yearly. On a global level, air pollution is causing a dramatic decline in several ecosystems leading to animal extinction, the melting of ice caps and the increased temperature of planet earth. 

The long-term effects of air pollution have been and will continue to be, discussed. We know that cardiovascular diseases, asthma and pulmonary insufficiency are all widely connected and caused by long-term exposure to air pollution. On a broader level, we know that air pollution affects the water and food we drink. Road emissions are the biggest culprit, with long-term exposure creating respiratory problems. Furthermore, Industrial accidents have been known to create a so-called 'toxic fog' that can be fatal to nearby populations. All in all, the impact is very bleak, indeed.

What can I do to reduce my air pollution output?

Interestingly, the ways we can reduce air pollution often overlap with ways we can reduce our other environmental impacts. It's important to remember that the little things add up. 


  1. Continue or escalate your level of recycling and reusables.
  2. Ensure all lights are switched off when not in use.
  3. Incorporate more public transport and reduce car or motorbike usage.
  4. Switch to a renewable energy supplier.
  5. Plant trees and improve air quality.
  6. Support Clean Air legislation.
  7. Reduce the amount of dairy and meat in your diet.
  8. Avoid any domestic burning in open fires or stoves.

How can my business reduce our air pollution output?

Never downplay the role your business could play this National Clean Air Day. As the saying goes, every little helps. Let this week be the turning point if your business is only starting to discover greener practices. If your business is already doing its bit, there are always ways to improve performance. 

Here are a few ways to reduce your business's air pollution today. 

  • Normalise flexible working

By normalising working from home as a permanent solution, businesses will help save an astronomical amount of pollution every year. The environmental impact of each employee can be pretty tricky to calculate; however, there can be doubt it would hugely curb the number of emissions going into the atmosphere. Alternatives are endorsing a cycle-to-work scheme, where your business can play a role in promoting healthier commutes to work. 

  • Implement clean air workplaces

Ensuring your business is as carbon neutral as possible minimises your environmental impact. If your business is only beginning to consider the possibilities - don't forget about empowering an environmental champion. Businesses worldwide select employees to guide their company towards ecological goals and pledges, making them much more environmentally friendly. 

  • Calculate your emissions and offset today!

Anyone can quickly go online and calculate their emissions as a business or individual. To do so, you will need the totals of all the emissions you are responsible for. The online calculator will specify what measurements you will need. Once you know the total emissions you are responsible for, your business can look at offsetting options. This is the fun bit.

Businesses have enjoyed investing in projects in less-well-off countries that help positively contribute to cleaner air and, therefore, the reduction of air pollution. These projects can also lead to a rise in local jobs for the specified area and significantly impact the planet's health. The environmental impact of these projects will offset your business's calculated total emissions, making it a perfect opportunity to give back to Planet Earth. 

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