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Bespoke HSE Short Courses Created for Your Business

Bespoke HSE Courses for Your Staff 

If your company has any specific health & safety issues that staff need to be trained in, to improve how safely they work, we can develop a bespoke solution to meet your objectives. 

Our team of hse consultants and learning designers will work closely with you to create training with the right mix of content and delivery suitable for your workforce. We aim to equip your staff with the necessary skills to work effectively in the target area and meet specific company requirements.

Relevant and effective courses for your workforce

We understand that every company has its own unique processes, procedures, demands and sometimes a generic, "off-the-shelf" course is not an effective and sustainable learning solution. We have created many bespoke courses - online, face to face and a mix of both for multi-national companies such as Aggreko, Northern Rail and Heathrow integrating into the preferred course key elements of daily working life unique to each sector and company.

Examples of bespoke courses for companies

Training solutions we have created for companies have been developed to enable the company to meet an objective. We have used health and safety  concepts and then customised the content using any specific procedures, images, processes so it is very relevant. Examples include:

Learning Programme for Aggreko, the power generation company

Aggreko had implemented a new health & safety initiative and needed to increase engagement of their 600+ Managers and enable them to lead safety with confidence We developed a 'Leading Safety' online learning programme in 7 languages covering 6 areas: Safety - why bother? Accidents, Risk Management,  Common Hazards for Aggreko, Management Systems and Human Factors.  Read the case study to find out more about this project.

Training for the rail sector

Accident and Incident Investigation and Reporting for front line employees. Once an accident/incident has occurred staff have to follow a consistent process for reporting to ensure everything is managed properly and ready for the investigation.  Images, links to company systems and their App were integrated into the course.

Environmental Sustainability is an awareness course. It shared the group's corporate programme of environmental and sustainability objectives and was tailored to include the company's specific locations and processes. 

Updating DHL's DSE Risk Assessment Process

As part of DHL's induction programme, they wanted to update the DSE Risk Assessment process involving Assessors to be replaced with an interactive online course so new starters learnt how to set up their work station safely. It was customised to include form to complete when there were any issues and reports could be produced for the Risk Assessor to follow up. This convenient online course guaranteed a consistent key instructions for employees based anywhere and was a huge time cost-saving benefit.

Our team are experienced at designing and developing training on any health, safety, environmental and wellbeing topic and customising it for your company and employees.

Benefits of bespoke courses for your staff

  • Engaging and easy-to-use learning so you are reassured that everyone can complete it
  • Teams are confident to use what they have learnt in their jobs so they are more effective
  • Financial investment for the future for many employees to always use
  • Relevant learning so employees understand why they are working in certain way
  • Straight-forward and time-effective service offering you choice and support throughout

How we develop the right course for your company

We can develop content on any health, safety, environmental or wellbeing topic for your workforce that is tailored to your company requirements delivered using the right learning method for your staff.

Development of course content

In order to create the right course for your staff, we aim to gain an in depth understanding of the:

  • Topic and learning goals
  • Staff that must complete it
  • Best learning method for staff
  • Content and level of tailoring for your company for example integrating your procedures, processes, workplace scenarios, images, branding, videos for online courses and anything else you need
  • Type of assessment (if any)

Best learning method for bespoke courses

If you need to find out about the best learning method for your staff, review the wide choice of training delivery options available to suit the needs of your staff and company.

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