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Working at Height - Simplified

Mar 2014

In a bid to cut ‘red tape’ and simplify things for businesses, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently overhauled its guidance for working at height.

Setting out in clear, simple terms what to do and what not to do, the UK government has launched new guidance. The overhaul comes as part of a wider scale initiative emerging from the Lofstedt report designed to debunk common myths that can confuse and mislead employers.

The government has identified over 3,000 regulations that are set to be removed or improved as part of its ‘Red Tape Challenge’. These were partly chosen by businesses and the UK public, which identified the regulations that were holding them back.

In support, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has overhauled its guidance aimed at the 10million people who regularly work at height, making it simpler and clearer to understand what the law requires.

Steve Terry, Managing Director at Astutis commented:

Any moves to simplify procedures designed to help businesses protect their workers must be applauded. I welcome measures that will improve the image of workplace Health and Safety as burdensome and hope that these changes will see organisations adopting an integrated cultural approach to this important facet of modern business.

The HSE has also published a list of common safety myths, to help businesses that may have been confused or misled about what is needed when working at height.

Click on the links to read the new guidance:

Judith Hackitt, chair of the HSE, said:

"We have a sensible set of regulations and have been working with business to improve our guidance ­ making it simpler and clearer and dispelling some of the persistent myths about what the law requires."

More information:

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