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Almost 1 Person Injured Every Day by Wind Farms

Dec 2011

Industry trade body Renewable UK has revealed 1,500 accidents and incidents have taken place on wind farms over the past 5 years. These figures include 4 deaths and a further 300 injuries to workers.

Accidents on wind farms have recently come into the spotlight following a wind turbine bursting into flames in Ardrossan, Scotland earlier this month. The £2 million, 100 metre tall turbine set alight as part of a "freak accident" during the hurricane force 165mph storms.

Other previous incidents have included cases where blades have come off the turbines and crashed to the ground, lumps of ice being thrown off blades from a wind farm in Peterborough and in September a blade flew off one turbine, landing on the roof of a car park at Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

Wind farms are designed to provide an environmentally friendly alternative for power however these recent figures have called their safety into question and with some feeling their low energy output does not justify the risk, it has led to some people proposing that nuclear power would be a safer option.

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