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Exciting Partnership with Experts in Safety Leadership, Culture and Wellbeing

Mar 2019

At Astutis, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Anker and Marsh, renowned experts on developing a positive culture for safety and wellbeing. Partner, Dr Tim Marsh a world authority on organisational culture and human factors, heads up the team along with Jason Anker MBE, a motivational speaker on maximising human potential.

Anker and Marsh’s behavioural and occupational psychologists and safety consultants can support Astutis’ clients in all aspects of the human factors of safety and the role that organisational culture and safety leadership play in determining the decisions people make at work. The Anker and Marsh team combine their expertise with extensive experience in diverse industry sectors. This collaboration will benefit Astutis’ clients with access to consultancy, training, seminars and white papers on human factor expertise from behavioural safety to mental health. 

Dr Tim Marsh has an impressive track record having worked with over 400 organisations around the world, including the UK HSE and MOD human factor teams, the European Space Agency and the BBC, has written five books on safety, one popular title, Talking Safety earning its position as the best ever selling safety book in Europe. He has chaired Human Factor events and given keynote speeches at major conferences around the world. Tim is one of the few Chartered Psychologists who is also a Chartered Fellow of IOSH and adopts this impressive combination of a human factors approach to safety with organisations developing positive behavioural change in how their workforce operates.

Tim Marsh comments on the collaboration with Astutis:
“We are hugely excited to announce our strategic partnership with Astutis – a company who share our values and whose skills and attributes blend perfectly with our own.”

You may be familiar with Tim Marsh’s partner, Jason Anker MBE who delivers compelling presentations on his life-changing accident at work around the world and including the Safety and Health Expo in London. Jason, paralysed due to an avoidable incident on a construction site in1993, speaks from his personal experience about the impact his workplace accident has had on his life in addition to his experience of wellbeing, resilience and coping with trauma and stress. His personal account of his accident, the choices he made and the turns his life has taken since, is very powerful and thought provoking covering all aspects of mental health.

 Anker and Marsh

Brenig Moore, Technical Director at Astutis shares his enthusiasm about this partnership and the behavioural safety training and consulting services Anker and Marsh can offer:

“Working with the team of experts at Anker and Marsh is inspiring and offers a perfect complement to our range of training services. More and more of our clients recognise the importance of looking at culture and leadership to improve safety behaviour so the services Anker and Marsh provide will enable companies to become more robust and their staff to thrive at work.”

For more information on organisational culture and safety leadership and behavioural safety services, please contact us.

Popular training Anker and Marsh offer include:

  • Strategic Culture Creation: Board Level
  • Practical Health & Wellbeing: Leaders and Managers
  • Alertness Creation: Leaders and Operatives
  • Psychology of Incident Investigation: SHE Team 


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