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Toolkit to Manage Stress at Work is Launched

Nov 2018

Our fast-paced lives, dictated by technolgy, demands instant responses 24/7 from work and the rest so there is no wonder it can place an element of pressure on all areas of our life. Our working day rarely starts at 9am and finishes at 5pm so inevitably workload is the greatest cause of stress-related absence from work. ISMA has chosen this theme Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress? to headline the ISMA conference.

ISMA (the International Stress Management Awareness) has concluded International Stress Awareness week with its conference in London 9 November. As technology has a huge impact on our lives - positve but also negative, the conference is covering the impact of technology on our lives - the stressful effects and also the positive contribution. It is chaired by Carole Spiers FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE, an international motivational speaker on stress management and employee wellbeing. 

Key speakers and workshop leaders at the conference have covered a wide ranage of highly relevant areas around stress and the triggers from tragic events to day-day challenges, its impact and how to manage them positively.

In line with the theme Hi-Tech = Hi-Stress  at the conference, Astutis is launching the NEW online Stress & Wellbeing Toolkit approved by the IIRSM and fellow health & wellbeing specialists can trial the online resource for themeslves.

This learning experience called the Stress & Wellbeing Toolkit  with videos hosted by Dr. Abi Lucas, Clinical Psycholgist, is ideal for companies to offer all their employees. This Stress & Wellbeing Toolkit is used on phones, computers etc to give employees an understanding of how to manage the triggers and reactions to their own stress, in or outside of work. Trial it for yourself!

Learn more about the Stress & Wellbeing Toolkit In-Company

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