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Latest Developments from NEBOSH Good News for H&S Professionals

Dec 2013

Proof of competence to work on construction sites is always a key driver of those seeking accredited occupational health and safety qualifications, so the fact that two NEBOSH qualifications are now accepted by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)* as part of its passport scheme will come as good news to those looking for a recognised qualification.

‘Routes to competence in the construction sector’, a research report commissioned by the HSE two years ago, recommended the widespread use of skills cards based around nationally recognised and formal qualifications in order to reduce the number of fatalities in the construction industry ­ the sector widely recognised as having the highest level of injuries and fatalities across the globe.

Both the NEBOSH National Construction Certificate and NEBOSH National Diploma are now recognised by CSCS for AQP card eligibility and will allow people to provide “proof of competence” to work on construction sites.

David Bryan CMIOSH RMaPS, Astutis tutor commented:

We are seeing a much greater focus on attaining the competencies of most value for promoting health and safety in the construction industry and this can only mean good news for those working on site. Qualifications meeting the fundamental requirements of effective risk management and compliance, both in design and construction management, are increasingly sought after. Attaining the NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH Diploma will open up more opportunities for those with this specialist skill set.

More updates from NEBOSH:

Further recent developments in the structure of the National and International General Certificates in Occupational Health and Safety mean that as of January 2014, holders of either of these qualifications will be able to gain the other by taking just one additional unit.

Currently, candidates who hold the NEBOSH National General Certificate or its International counterpart must take all three unit assessments to gain the other qualification if they wish to hold a UK and Internationally recognised qualification.

NEBOSH has now combined two of the three units as their content is relevant anywhere in the world.  The Controlling Workplace Hazards units (NGC2/IGC2) will now be known as GC2 and GC3 will be introduced in place of the Practical Application units (NGC3/IGC3).

However, the Health and Safety Management (NGC1 and IGC1) will remain separate, as these particular units focus on management of health and safety based around either UK law or international standards.

Therefore, if a candidate has gained the NEBOSH National General Certificate in the past five years, they only need to pass unit IGC1 of the NEBOSH International General Certificate, to gain the full International qualification. Likewise, a NEBOSH International General Certificate holder will be required to only complete NGC1 to gain a NEBOSH National General Certificate.

Steve Terry, Managing Director at Astutis said:

Career opportunities in health and safety are increasingly global and holding an international qualification will undoubtedly be an advantage to those seeking to work across different borders. The changes to the structure of the National and International General Certificates mean that candidates can update their qualifications by taking just one unit and this should be applauded.

Further Information

For further information on any of the courses above, please get in touch with one of our NEBOSH trained course advisers who will be happy to help.

*CSCS provides a range of cards to cover most occupations and skill levels in the construction industry. According to CSCS, their cards provide people employed on construction sites with a “portable means of identity and proof of competence to carry out their work on site.”

The CSCS “Academically Qualified Person (AQP).” card, or “yellow/white card”, is available to “competence assessed” members of CSCS approved professional bodies, including NEBOSH

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