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Health and Safety Statistics 2014/15

Oct 2015

More than a million people are being made ill by their work, costing society £14.3 billion, according to new figures released on 27th October, 2015.

Despite Britain remaining one of the safest places to work in Europe, injury and ill-health statistics released by the Health and Safety Executive show that an estimated 27.3 million working days were lost due to work related ill health or injury in 2014/15.

In the same year 142 workers were killed, and there were 611,000 injuries in the workplace.

Of the estimated 1.2 million people who suffered from a work related illness, 516,000 were new cases.

Astutis Operations Director and Lead Tutor Brenig Moore said:

"Despite the general trend for work-related illnesses and injuries continuing to go in the right direction over the years, there is a considerable amount for the industry to focus its efforts on. 142 workers killed, 611,000 injured and an estimated 1.2 million people suffering from a work-related illness is testament to the fact that we need to continually work towards lowering these figures for the benefit of all involved. No-one should be subjected to unnecessary risk during the course of their work - everyone should be entitled to come home fit and healthy at the end of each day."

HSE’s Chief Statistician Alan Spence explains more about the latest findings in the video below: