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Everyone benefits with the new IOSH scheme

Jun 2012

IOSH are aiming to help degree students onto the first rung of the employment ladder, as well as moulding the workforce of the future, with their new Workplace Shadowing Scheme.

What is the Workplace Shadowing Scheme?

The scheme is an opportunity for undergraduates and recent graduates to carry out work placements in UK businesses, where they will shadow experienced health and safety practitioners. IOSH organises the 6 to 12 week work placements between the university, their graduates and the businesses who provides the work placement.

Who benefits from the scheme?

Everyone benefits ... the graduates, the universities, the businesses and IOSH.  

  • Graduates benefit by getting onto the first rung of the employment ladder and also by gaining valuable experience, which may in the long run make them more employable.
  • Universities benefit by seeing an increase in their graduate employment figures.
  • Businesses benefit by sourcing new, ready qualified talent and bringing new ideas for improving health and safety into the organisation.
  • IOSH benefits by nurturing the health and safety professionals of the future as well as improving the image of health and safety.

How to get involved

IOSH are already working with a number of universities but are looking for businesses and students to get involved too. More information on how to get involved with the IOSH Workplace Shadowing scheme can be found on IOSH's website ... or if you are interested in a career in health and safety but not sure where to start, remember that you can contact Astutis for help.


edit: as of 2015 this scheme no longer exists

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