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Astutis launches the next generation of IOSH Managing Safely Online learning

Jun 2021

Astutis is delighted to launch its next generation of online learning with its enhanced version of the IOSH Managing Safely training course.

The IOSH Managing Safely online course is a fully accredited, essential health and safety Certificate for middle management. Combining the latest digital learning concepts with a practical “on-the-job” simulation, the online course helps employees learn the latest health and safety strategies, develop essential management skills, and build confidence in their role.  

The new training course offers an outstanding learning experience through simulation training using real-life examples and elements of gamification.

The IOSH Managing Safely simulation empowers learners to apply their learning “on the job”. It helps challenge their thinking, build motivation, and most importantly, makes their learning relevant and relatable to their job.
Acting as the role of HSE Manager, learners are presented with a variety of real-life events and hazards to act upon. There’s plenty of information on hand to help inform their decisions, including accident logs, inspection reports and policies.

Cost control is an essential HSE management skill, so learners are also given a budget to balance their decisions against their money.

At the end of the simulation, learners are given a score on each decision they make and provided feedback on their actions to help them improve.

Speaking on the online course development, Gareth Morgan, Head of Online Learning, Astutis, said:

"Gamification is more than a buzzword. Infusing gameplay and leveraging competitiveness not only makes your corporate training more dynamic but can significantly increase learner engagement too.

The new IOSH Managing Safely online course empowers learners to tackle modern-day challenges with an upbeat, engaging, and fully immersive learning experience.

This course enhancement once again demonstrates the effectiveness of Astutis’ approach to continuously improve the experience of our learners.”


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