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Astutis Launches ‘The Health and Safety Digest’ Podcast

Jul 2021

We are delighted to announce the new Astutis podcast, 'The Health and Safety Digest', under the Astutis podcast umbrella. 
Each season will concentrate on an individual health and safety training course. Each episode will answer FAQs and, more importantly, your questions.
In every episode, Astutis Digital Content Writer Toby Howell will interview those responsible for designing accredited health and safety training courses to bring learners closer to the qualifications they are studying. Alternatively, if you are unsure of what qualification to take, 'The Health and Safety Digest' will make that choice easier. 
Season one will focus on the NEBOSH Diploma, now called the NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals. A 2021 syllabus update has made some significant changes to the course, changing the complexion of the entire qualification. Each episode will uncover the course, giving listeners an under-the-hood experience. 
Season One features Astutis Techincal Director Brenig Moore. Brenig has over 30 years of experience in the health and safety training industry. Brenig has sat on the NEBOSH Council and is responsible for the Astutis incarnation of the NEBOSH Diploma. 
During season one, the podcast will discuss:
  •  What is the NEBOSH Diploma?
  •  Who should take it?
  •  How do learners benefit from taking the course?
  •  What are the changes in the latest syllabus change
  •  How long does it take to complete?
  •  What are the different learning methods available?
  •  How much does the Diploma cost?
  •  How hard is the NEBOSH Diploma?
  •  What are the next steps after completing the Diploma?
Season two will follow shortly, focusing on the NEBOSH General Certificate.
The podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Music.
Start sending in your questions now at and have them answered on the show!

Listen to The Health and Safety Digest podcast on Spotify below:

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