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Your NEBOSH Tutor for Online NEBOSH Courses

Supporting your learning & preparing you to pass exams

What can you expect from your NEBOSH tutor ?

As an online NEBOSH learner with Astutis, your tutor can help you at every stage of the course via email or on the phone.  They will be on hand to:

  • Answer any questions you have about the NEBOSH course content 
  • Offer 1-to-1 regular support on any specific areas
  • Provide guidance and advice on how to revise and prepare for the NEBOSH exams
  • Feedback on your NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma mock exams
  • Answer questions and provoke discussions on the online course forums

Meet Andrew, your online NEBOSH tutor... 

Andrew Froude CMIOSH Online NEBOSH Tutor

Andrew Froude B.Eng (Hons) CMIOSH MIIRSM

Andrew Froude is the NEBOSH tutor for Astutis online courses and will be offering guidance throughout the elearning experience with Astutis. He has a 15 year proven track record of successfully guiding and supporting people and companies through their NEBOSH General Certificate and the higher level NEBOSH Diploma.

He knows how to prepare everybody well for the NEBOSH exams so they are confident to tackle typical questions successfully. You can benefit from his detailed knowledge of the NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma syllabus, exam questions and also practical application of the learning. He uses his professional expereince in industry as an HSE Manager to bring concepts to life.

Andrew regularly writes blog posts on how to prepare for the NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma exams and how to complete the NEBOSH Practical Assignments.

Andrew outlines his role as NEBOSH tutor online in his own words:

“Having been a tutor for over 15 years, teaching a range of courses including NEBOSH Certificate and Diploma, I understand the importance of supporting learners, particularly online, during their studies. I am I’m on hand to answer your queries about the course content, help you to tackle exam questions with confidence and keep you on track. I aim to help prepare you for success in your exams, wherever you are, and for you to become an invaluable source of knowledge in your work.”

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