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NEBOSH Diploma : Online Plus

NEBOSH Diploma OnlinePlus+ 

Mix of convenience of online structure & interaction of Astutis is a NEBOSH accredited centre for the virtual Diplomaclass

Ready to transform your career with the NEBOSH Diploma with a flexible learning method?  Our NEBOSH Diploma OnlinePlus+ qualification can be completed in 20 months. It offers you a perfect blend of the best features of classroom and online learning in one dynamic learning experience.

You will work as part of a small group of Diploma learners, starting together on a scheduled programme with set time frames. You'll work through our interactive online course and attend a live tutorial after each element. You work with your group and tutor to discuss and complete activities benefiting from 1 to 1 tutor coaching. 

The NEBOSH Diploma OnlinePlus+ can fit into your work & family commitments wherever you are.

NEBOSH Diploma OnlinePlus+ Key Facts
Duration   500 hours, minimum of 243 taught hours and
approximately 257 hours of private study.
Access 3 years' access to multimedia , 36 live tutorials, 6 mini mock exams, your own tutor coach
Exams Exam centres are available UK-wide

Watch the video about our NEBOSH Diploma

Our 5 NEBOSH Diploma award winners in 2015, 2016, 2018 & 2019 

Our record of success: 5 Astutis learners have won the NEBOSH Diploma awards since 2015 for achieving the highest marks in Units from 2015 to 2019. Our 2018/19 winners were online learner Karen Aitchison, top performer for Unit C in 2018/19 & distance learner, Hannah Leach for Unit B. 

What is the NEBOSH Diploma OnlinePlus+?

This well structured OnlinePlus+ programme provides you with the online learning plus a mix of resources, tutorials and tutor coaching to help you pass the NEBOSH Diploma within 20 months. The 3 year license provides:

  • Interactive multimedia-rich activities to keep you focused and help you learn better using workplace case studies to practise what you learn
  • Your own NEBOSH Diploma tutor to coach you every step of the way and keep you on track
  • Collaborative learning in a small group participating in 36 live online tutorials and discussion forums together plus 12 revision/DNI webinars
  • Exam practice with individual coaching on exam questions and 6 mini-mocks with feedback
  • Guidance from our digital resources centre: web links to HSE guidance, legislation, exam questions 

Live tutorial with your Diploma tutor and other learners

Diploma Online Plus Tutorial

36 live online tutorials

Exclusive to OnlinePlus+,  these live online tutorials held after each element, offer you interaction with your tutor and study group to discuss and ask questions about what you have learnt. You practise the concepts learnt with real life examples covering typical exam questions to consolidate your learning.

Why choose OnlinePlus+

  • Reassurance that you can complete the NEBOSH Diploma within a 20-month timeframe if you keep on track
  • Success with pass rates above NEBOSH's averages
  • Cost and time savings with flexible learning and minimal disruption to your working schedule

How to start your NEBOSH Diploma online course

Progress your career by passing the NEBOSH National Diploma and increase your employment opportunities. Your next steps are below:

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What is the difference between the online and the OnlinePlus+ NEBOSH Diploma ?

Online and OnlinePlus+ are 2 delivery methods of taking the NEBOSH Diploma:

The Online NEBOSH Diploma uses the interactive multimedia learning platform to study the content and you are supported with an online tutor,  11 webinars, 3 mocks with feedback, discussion forums and a digital resources centre. You choose when you study and take the exams.

The OnlinePlus+ NEBOSH Diploma is set up so you complete in a structured timeframe of 20 months also using the interactive multimedia learning platform to study the content, your own tutor to coach you and keep you on track using 36 live tutorials, a minimum of 6 mini-mocks with detailed feedback plus access to discussion forums and a digital resources centre.

What speed broadband will I need to access the NEBOSH Diploma online course?

To access the Astutis NEBOSH National Diploma online course and get the most out of it, you will need a broadband speed of at least 1MB download.

How long will I have access to the NEBOSH National Diploma online course for?

If purchasing all 3 units together, you will be given access to the materials for an initial period of three years. If purchasing individual units you will have 1 year's access. However, if you are unable to complete the NEBOSH exams within that time, we can extend your access for a fee. Please contact us to discuss prices.

What learning techniques are used in the NEBOSH Diploma online course?

Everyone has an individual learning style and Astutis online courses address this by using a variety of media including text, video, animation, audio and interactive activities. Furthermore, you can check your progress with exam questions  and feedback and apply what has been learned to real life situations through practice activities. Weblinks to additional resources and directed discussions also provide opportunities for an in-depth understanding of more challenging subject areas.

Can you offer any advice on how to get the most out of my Diploma online course?

Make sure you start with the introduction to the NEBOSH National Diploma course, which gives you all the information you need on how to get the most out of your course. Plan your route through the units, using some or all of the additional resources we have put in place and take advantage of the support we offer: your own tutor, mock exams and discussion groups. The course video guide created by our e-learning team will let you find out how our online course has been designed and created to guide you through your NEBOSH National Diploma learning journey.

Can I complete my NEBOSH National Diploma exams online too?

NEBOSH states that the examinations for the National Diploma course must be completed in an invigilated exam centre. Units A, B and C of the Diploma course will need to be completed at one of our multiple exam centres. The Unit DNI workplace assignment can be completed at your computer.