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NEBOSH General Certificate Online plus

NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+ Course

Our NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+ qualification can be completed in 6 months. It offers a blend of virtual classroom and online learning in one dynamic learning experience. 

The course comprises of a series of scheduled tutorials, conducted in-real time using webinar software, and sits alongside our online course. This learning method replicates the classroom experience by allowing students to ask questions, share ideas and participate in live discussions.

We provide e-learning course materials via an interactive course portal and you study and complete tasks and exercises. Think of it like an online school with support and a community.

Convenient and tutor-supported learning for success

Learners work as part of a group, starting together on a scheduled programme with set time frames. Together, learners work through the interactive online course and attend the programme of live tutorials. The NG1 exam is undertaken mid-way through the course and after the first four elements of the course have been completed. 

NEBOSH Certificate Online Course Key Facts
Duration113 hours broken down into 16 hours of live, tutor-led tutorials and 92 hours of self-study
UnitsNG1: Management of Health and Safety
NG2: Practical Risk Assessment 
Exams1 open-book online exam and 1 practical assignment
What's included?8 live, tutor-led tutorials
12 months' access to our online course
Tutor, technical and customer support
2 revision webinars
1 mini-mock exam marked with feedback
Access to our LinkedIn NEBOSH Certificate support group

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NEBOSH National General Certificate - Online Course
(Ex VAT) £450.00
NEBOSH National General Certificate with Exams - Online Course
(Ex VAT) £650.00

Why our NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+ course?

Blended learning allows delegates to undertake the majority of their training online with the security of virtual classroom and webinar support from an expert trainer, to position and embed their online learning. For example, delegates can complete set modules of online learning before attending a tutorial session delivered by one of our training consultants to consolidate learning and to gain a greater understanding through clarification and workplace scenarios.  An initial face to face session can be provided to introduce and kick-start delegates on their online learning journey.

Our Learner-centred approach

Our learner-centred approach allows you to be an active participant in your learning experience through scheduled webinar tutorials and learner communities. On the course, we are interested to learn about your background, needs and interests and what you’ll take away as relevant and meaningful outcomes. With the tutor serving as facilitator, you are given more control and responsibility around how you learn, including the opportunity to teach one another through collaboration and personal interactions.

Learn with the best - a NEBOSH Gold provider

Astutis has earned the NEBOSH Gold provider status so you can be confident of an excellent quality training experience with our NEW online NEBOSH Certificate. 

Convenient and easy-to-use learning 

Flexible elearning with everything you need to pass the NEBOSH Certificate in one place. It's packed with plenty of interactive activities, podcasts, videos using real life examples to keep you engaged. There is a resources hub for additional information.

Our online training is structured with short study sessions so you can work through the course stress-free. You can also download the full course materials and work offline!

Comprehensive preparation for success in your exam and work

Our Astutis ExamSmartTM  uses a 3-pillar approach for each element to get you exam ready. Step by step, it builds your confidence in each topic, helps you communicate what you have learnt and then apply your knowledge of the topic with structured exam question practice. 

Benefit from revision webinars and the Astutis TrackSmart TM tool that gives you a learning plan to keep you updated on your progress in line with your ideal exam date or number of hours you can commit to studying.

Community and 1-to-1 support

Our CMIOSH tutor Andrew Froude (also a NEBOSH examiner) is on hand to support you throughout, answer your questions and feedback on your mock exams.

Benefit from our exclusive LinkedIn NEBOSH Certificate learning community where you can connect with other learners and tutors for guidance.

Upcoming dates


NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+

Location: OnlinePlus
Course Delivery Method: OnlinePlus+
T0 Welcome Webinar 02/12/2021
T1 Elements 1 & 2 17/12/2021
T2 Element 3 & Mock 06/01/2022
Mock Marking 14/01/2022
T3 Element 4 & Exam Prep 20/01/2022
T4 NG2 the practical 17/02/2022
T5 Elements 5 & 6 10/03/2022
T6 Elements 7 & 8 08/04/2022
T7 Elements 9,10&11 21/04/2022
NG1 Exam 03/02/2022
NG2 Prac 08/06/2022

NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+

Location: OnlinePlus
Course Delivery Method: OnlinePlus+
T0 Welcome Webinar 03/02/2022
T1 Elements 1 & 2 18/02/2022
T2 Element 3 & Mock 09/03/2022
Mock Marking 21/03/2022
T3 Element 4 & Exam Prep 23/03/2022
T4 NG2 the practical 13/04/2022
T5 Elements 5 & 6 04/05/2022
T6 Elements 7 & 8 01/06/2022
T7 Elements 9,10&11 16/06/2022
NG1 Exam 06/04/2022
NG2 Prac 06/07/2022

NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+

Location: OnlinePlus
Course Delivery Method: OnlinePlus+
T0 Welcome Webinar 04/04/2022
T1 Elements 1 & 2 19/04/2022
T2 Element 3 & Mock 09/05/2022
Mock Marking 19/05/2022
T3 Element 4 & Exam Prep 23/05/2022
T4 NG2 the practical 15/06/2022
T5 Elements 5 & 6 06/07/2022
T6 Elements 7 & 8 18/07/2022
T7 Elements 9,10&11 18/08/2022
NG1 Exam 08/06/2022
NG2 Prac 03/08/2022

NEBOSH General Certificate OnlinePlus+

Location: OnlinePlus
Course Delivery Method: OnlinePlus+
T0 Welcome Webinar 30/05/2022
T1 Elements 1 & 2 14/06/2022
T2 Element 3 & Mock 04/07/2022
Mock Marking 14/07/2022
T3 Element 4 & Exam Prep 18/07/2022
T4 NG2 the practical 10/08/2022
T5 Elements 5 & 6 31/08/2022
T6 Elements 7 & 8 28/09/2022
T7 Elements 9,10&11 11/10/2022
NG1 Exam 03/08/2022
NG2 Prac 09/11/2022
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The OnlinePlus+ course gives you access to your tutor via phone or email, as well as support through the online learning communities. Your  tutor will be to answer any queries, set exam practice questions and mark them with feedback. There is a also an NEBOSH General Certificate community forum where you can connect and discuss topics with other learners and our tutors.
You can book your NEBOSH Certificate exam by registering for your chosen exam date via a booking form. NEBOSH Certificate online open book exams are held regularly by Astutis. Find out more about NEBOSH Certificate exams.
Although it is not a pre-requisite for the NEBOSH National Diploma, at Astutis we would always recommend that those embarking on this highly involved course already have an underpinning knowledge of the field of health and safety.­ The NEBOSH National General Certificate offers an ideal platform and it is strongly recommended that you take this qualification before the National Diploma to improve your chances of passing. This is particularly beneficial if you have no prior industry experience.

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