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NEBOSH Oil & Gas Course Syllabus

NEBOSH Oil and Gas Certificate Syllabus

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The NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Safety provides managers, safety representatives and recently qualified safety advisors with the specialist skills and know-how to effectively manage the risks associated with oil and gas industries and effectively influence operational safety decisions. 

The course builds directly upon knowledge gained from the NEBOSH National or International General Certificate and comprises 1 unit and 1 written exam. 

Overall learning outcomes

On completion of the unit, learners will be able to:

  • Investigate incidents and use the lessons learnt to improve health and safety performance.
  • Recognise hazards, risks and controls inherent to oil and gas industries.
  • Implement a variety of risk management techniques used in oil and gas industries.
  • Understand the principles of assessing and managing contractors.
  • Undertake a safe shift handover.
  • Recognise the types of failure modes that may lead to loss of containment from hydrocarbons.

Full course syllabus

Unit IOG1: Management of international oil and gas health and safety

Element 1: Health, safety and environmental management in context

  • 1.1: Learning from incidents
  • 1.2: Hazards inherent in oil and gas
  • 1.3: Risk management techniques used in the oil and gas industries
  • 1.4: Documented evidence of an organisation’s process safety arrangements

Element 2: Hydrocarbon process safety 1

  • 2.1: Contractor management
  • 2.2: Process Safety Management (PSM)
  • 2.3: Role and purpose of a permit-to-work system
  • 2.4: Key principles of safe shift handover
  • 2.5: Plant operations and maintenance
  • 2.6: Start up and shut down

Element 3: Hydrocarbon process safety 2

  • 3.1: Failure modes
  • 3.2: Other types of failures
  • 3.3: Safety critical equipment controls
  • 3.4: Safe containment of hydrocarbons
  • 3.5: Fire hazards, risks and controls
  • 3.6: Furnace and boiler operations

Element 4: Fire protection and emergency response

  • 4.1: Fire and explosion in the oil and gas industries
  • 4.2: Emergency response

Element 5: Logistics and transport operations

  • 5.1: Marine transport
  • 5.2: Land transport

Course Assessment

There is a two‐hour written examination consisting of 1 ‘long answer’ question worth 20 marks and 10 ‘short answer’ questions, each worth 8 marks. At the end of each study unit there are exam type questions designed for individuals to use as revision aids when preparing for the written examination. 

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